JCLamb and Quickpenn

Hey, JC.

Hey there

It was the third time this week that I had IM'd this person, and I already liked him. Seriously.

I wonder what he looks like. . . .



What do you look like?

If I told you that, you'd know who I was. Think of it this way for now. Most people are into looks, but I want to know what a soul looks like. When you see a soul, you know what someone really looks like, Q. 

Oh. My God.

That's. . .really beautiful. It's like philosophy and poetry and wisdom and passion all in one package. Like you know how to really speak to people. How do you do that????

I'm a poet, Q, but I've also studied this in my spare time. Learned it over time.You can learn it, too. I can already tell you have it in you.

I was almost crying. I knew that JC was a guy, but I didn't know that guys could talk or think like that. I sipped the esspresso that Michael, the owner, had given me.  Alright, JC, you're on.

Okay then. What does your soul look like?

My soul. . . is different from most guys. I act a bit sullen at times, I guess, but my soul. . . at heart, I am what you said about what I said about beauty. A philosopher, a poet. A passionate person. Wisdom, however, is something that comes with learning of life, with age. Over time, you earn it and use it to help yourself and others. So, Quickpenn, what does your soul look like?

My soul? How was I supposed to respond to that? I didn't know, so I faked it. I thought about my desires at heart, about. . . .never mind.

My soul is a bit. . . .


Tangled. Everything but JCLamb. Un-poetic. Not smart.


I'm listening.

It's like. . .I want to be something, but I don't know how. I want to write books someday, I want to be somebody people can enjoy but still feel the mystery behind her. I want to be. . . .a philosopher, I guess. It's like there's a part of me was buried, and you're letting her out. The real person instead of the shallow one.

A lot of girls are extremely shallow. You're lucky. You have integrity, one that will take you far in life if you use it.

You think so?


I know so, Cameron thought as he began to type his reply. Suddenly, he computer turned off.  He sighed. "Mom, the power went out again!" he called, wishing that he could talk with her longer. He knew that Quickpenn was Rebecca. He had seen her write down the name. . . . . .


The chat screen went blank. What the hell?! I tapped the screen, I logged off and on three times. What happened?

JC was gone for now.

The End

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