Leave out all the rest


I couldn't believe the timing of the assignment of  Mr. Moisson's assignment.

James and I went on another date on Sunday. It was good. Actually, it was great. We'd made it official halfway through the date. I was really happy.

On Monday, Cam and I didn't mention the date at all (well, that was sort of true. He texted me Sunday night and said that he'd leave me alone about it, which surprised me).

It was kind of weird, though, because he wasn't at his locker most of the day when I was going to talk to him. I only saw him in English, and we didn't even speak. I thought he was being a total jerk avoiding me at the time, but I never asked him about it. I guessed his reason later on.

On Monday, however, James seemed kind of upset with me as well.

"Hey there." I felt a hand brush my shoulder.

"Hi." I turned to see James, looking. . .oddly different. "Are you. . .feeling alright, James?"

"Yeah, sort of. Some stuff went down after you left last night."

"What stuff?" I asked.

"Nothing to worry about. Some people got some ideas into their heads."

"Oh." I took another glance at his face, then remembered passing Cam in the hallway. "Is that why Cam has a black eye?" I blurted, not even realizing what I'd said until James's mouth dropped open.

"It wasn't me who gave him that." he said flatly, taking me by arm. "I know he's your friend, but he's a bit of a. . ."

"Look, I knew right off you and he wouldn't see eye to eye. If you think he's weird, that's fine." I said in a low voice. I didn't want to fight with him.

"He's more of an outcast, Rebecca. He doesn't talk to very many people and he never seems to do anything that matters. The only place anybody sees him is at the grocery store, bagging people's stuff."

"I've known him for a long time, James. But, and I'm only curious because he's my friend, how did he get that black eye?"

James's face seemed. . .disdainful, I guess, when he told me that he could swear Cam was dead drunk. I wasn't sure whether I could believe him or not.

The End

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