Had it coming

I figured I could talk to her when I got home. Maybe JC would calm her down a little. So, I logged on to see if she was there.

Sure enough, she was on. And, boy was she mad.

Hey there, Q.

Hi. . .

How are you doing? I haven't spoken with you at all since yesterday.

Sorry. . .I was busy all day.


I'm fine, though, I guess. 

Sure, you guess. Liar. How's James?

He's great. He surprised me by taking me out, but it was kind of awkward.

Yes, it was really awkward at the time. We still laugh about it now, but I kinda felt guilty back then. I guess she thought I was screwing around. Which is why, at the time, I wanted her side of the story.

Really? How so?   Maybe she'll tell me what I did wrong.

I don't know if I should tell you. . . .

No, no, no, no! Talk, talk already!  Hey, c'mon. Who am I gonna tell?

Well . . . .

I'm listening.

I saw my best friend there, with James's cousin. You've probably met her once. She's one of those Miss Congeniality types.

How is that bad?

My friend aboslutely hates jocks. With a passion. We've never really talked about dating and stuff, and we usually go to different people for advice. He's always beat up idiots for me, but I never really though that James's cousin was really his type either.

I meant Felicia Lightman. Do you have a dislike for her?

No, I don't really talk to her much. She's his science partner.

I see. So, why was it so awkward? You didn't tell him?

Let's see what she does here. . . .

No. . . .It just never comes up. Ever.

You should still tell him these things, Q, so that the awkward moments are less awkward. He would have been used to the idea by then, don't you think?

Cameron would never get used to the idea.


You don't know that. Even so, he would have had some warning.

I guess I could have told him, but I didn't really want to think of his reaction. Besides, we'll probably sort it out tomorrow. I promise I'll talk to him.

I hope you do.

Sure :)

I'm sorry about the other day, by the way. My computer crashed.

Oh. that's what happened. Ok. Bye!

G'night, Q.

I thought I might've made peace by then, but I remembered that it still wasn't me making the peace. I still had to talk to her at school.

The End

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