All Ravens Are Black

Will had heard about people like this. The kind of people who draw you in like a moth to a flame. He knew that Blank was trouble. He knew that he should get the hell out of there. But when the boy opened his red lips and said "Follow me." All that came out was: "Okay"

It was hard to keep up with Blank's long stride when the older boy was determined to go somewhere. Will almost had to jog to follow him, though his heart wasn't really in it. The week had been a blur to him- he hadn't gone to school for most of it, either. In fact, it was Blank himself who finally managed to coax Will out of his room; encouraging him to get out and drink his troubles away- to turn his brain into pleasant sludge and forget everything that had happened.

Will twitched, he couldn't quite figure out how 'getting high' with Blank's crowd would cure his mood. Blank wasn't the sort of guy you'd want to meet in broad daylight- let alone in a dark alley; and his 'mates' weren't any better.

And now, trudging after his friend on the way to god-knows-where, Will felt dead. Virtually dead. Part of him wanted to throw something at Blank, but he knew that the red-head was actually trying to cheer him up, in his own- somewhat twisted- way.

"Hurry up, you're bloody slow." Blank said, reaching out a hand to clamp his shaky fingers around the Blonde boy's wrist. The two walked in time now, Will with his eyes on the ground. He couldn't even think straight. Maybe getting drunk wasn't such a good idea... he could already hear the steady thrum of bass from a nearby house. His stomach sunk.

I want to go home.

"Hey, Stumpy, don't worry. You'll have fun, get smashed, maybe find a pretty girl to-" the red-head tapered off at Will's frigid frown. Blank knew the boy had just lost his girlfriend, but honestly- he didn't care.

"Just shut up about it, okay?" The blonde sighed, bringing a cold hand up to cradle his forehead. He already had a headache- he didn't honestly know how long he would last at this party, or rave, or whatever the hell Blank had invited him to.

Rolling his eyes, Blank dragged him up to the porch and let go of his arm. "Fine, just walk faster next time. We're here."

The older boy all but barged in, but Will found himself frozen as the familiar stench of drugs clouded out of the open door. Will gagged, but Blank didn't seem to notice.

His eyes were wary as he trod carefully into the room; people were slumped, passed out everywhere, some were dancing, some were screaming at nothing. It was evident, however, that all of them were stoned. Will had to stare at his feet to stop himself stepping on needles.

He was in hell.

Blank, on the otherhand, looked completely at home, immediately greeting the only sober person in sight. A mullet-haired twenty-something who stared at him blatantly.

"Ziggy this is Will. Will, Ziggy." informed Blank. Jerking his finger towards the man. Will narrowed his eyes. He didn't like the vibes from this guy. Not one bit.

People pushed passed him and Will found himself being hauled into the living room- a bit lost in the fray. Blank had obviously dismissed him, having already disappeared with the mullet-haired guy to 'do his own thing'.

"Hey, little boy." there was an effeminate laugh to his left; a beer pushed into his hands. Will could hardly tell who was talking to him, everything was so foggy. If he couldn't go home then, God, he was going to need a drink. Satisfied to see that the bottle in his hands was thus far unopened, he popped the cap and drank deeply.

...Will was drunk. Completely and utterly trashed, smashed, off his face- whatever; he had downed pretty much everything in sight, unconcerned with the fact that anything could be laced with rohypnol. He mixed drinks. He was going to be so hungover  in the morning, but he really couldn't bring himself to care. Instead,he just sat on the couch in the middle of the living room, watching what must have been hours dissolve amongst the sweaty, high- but very much alive crowd sprawled around him. Will felt like a dead weight; his legs splayed out infront of him- unwilling to move. He felt as though he were a ghost. Studying himself from a strangers perspective.

I want to go home.

Taking another long swig from his drink he felt like he was falling back into himself. I want to go home. Where's Blank? I need to find Blank. Pushing himself up from the sofa he floundered through the crowd- too enveloped in their euphoric hysteria to notice him- and stumbled into the first bare space he saw. The Kitchen.

"Will!" He heard a voice slur to him from the otherside of the counter; "Ziggy" and three other characters he didn't recognise were draped over the kitchen work tops. Will reeled around to leave when he caught Blank's bright red out the corner of his eye.

"You know that kid?" A woman snorted to his right. Blank shrugged. "What is he- your boyfriend?" She sneered in Will's direction, her lips arched in amusement.

Will's mouth formed a soft, cursive 'o. "M-m'not gay!" His eyes widened at the suggestion. The lanky woman scoffed to herself, and Ziggy grew a smirk- pulling Blank further into his lap, their eyes connecting; Ziggy's glare was cold to most anyone- but with Blank it just seemed to burn up the room

Will's face was on fire.

"Oh," the mullet-haired man smirked, "then you wont mind if I-"

Will cut him off, turning and running from the room as fast as his sluggish legs could carry him. He didn't want to watch two guys making out. He just wanted to go home. He had to get out. Stumbling through the jeering, pawing mass- Will staggered slightly; blood shot eyes were stalking him from every corner of the room and the world spun beneath his feet. His sweaty fingers fumbled with the door lock before he finally yanked it open-

Cold air blasted his face, and his smoke-obscured vision started to clear. Almost tripping over himself now, he pushed on further down the path- punching the letterbox before retching on the snow. He wanted to scream, to tear his hair out.

Unsure footsteps echoed behind him. Blank. Will tried to stem the tears dripping from his chin with a bloodied hand. An image so pitiful, Blank thought, it was almost endearing.

"Stop crying, you look like a bloody idiot, stupid." the red-head's eyes darkened. "You can't change me, you know. I'm seventeen and my life is over- bloody over. I don't see why you can't get that into your head."

"S'not over." Will's breath hitched. Blank thought his was going to be sick, but the boy only shook his head, swallowing whatever had crawled up his throat. "I won't let it."

Blank observed his friend with bloody and unfocused eyes. His voice shook. "You look like hell."

At this, Will only laughed, vomit trailing down his chin. 

The End

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