I forgot to set my alarm AGAIN so naturally I was once more running late. I mean, it's no big deal seen as I live on the same road as school so it only takes five minutes to walk. But yknow when you get up late and you were all used to sleeping and then you just feel like a zombie or that you're still sleeping and having a bizarre dream? Well. Maybe not everyone gets that feeling but I definitely do whenever I forget to set the alarm.

So anyway I was running out of the door and shoving my jacket on and tripping over my bag straps. The usual. I am not the most graceful creatures in the world- Rebecca can testify that for you. Her catchphrase is 'smooth, Tess' judging by the amount of times I nearly fall over. Still, emphasis on 'nearly'- it could always be worse, I say.

As I got to the crossing, usually where I meet Rebecca (though of course she'll have gone on by now) I stopped and my curiosity took hold of me. Why was there a crowd of people round here? There hadn't been-Woah. There had. Some poor girl had been knocked over. I shuddered instinctively, and then again when I recognised who it was.

Elinor Richards.

The most popular girl in the school Elinor Richards. The bully Elinor Richards. The just been hit by a car Elinor Richards... I gasped as it hit me. Just the thought of somebody dying-but it was somebody I knew, somebody I sat in class with every day...

Woah. I felt sick, and did the only thing I felt capable of. I ran.


The End

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