All or Nothing

Elinor has everything: the popularity, the boyfriend, the crowd of followers. Tessa has nothing: well nothing of great value in the harsh high school of her teenage years. But somehow these girls have to join together to solve some unfinished business.


You know what my grandmother told me this morning? She said 'Always look where you're going when you cross the road, love'. And I was like 'Gran, I'm not eleven-I can cross a stupid road.' and flicked my hair and walked off thinking about how Gran really didn't come into my life much more. She was just some worrying old woman who I think was going a bit doolally.

So there I was, just chatting away with Kelly on the phone and she said that Damien had told her that Oscar had gotten off with Holly at Lucy Haworth's party on Saturday (it took me half of Sunday to shake off that hangover) and if that were true it meant I had to slap Holly for being a stupid cow and chuck Oscar for being a two-timing *******. And so I was telling this to Kelly when BANG.

Hit by a bloody bus.

And I was going to buy that new bag in Topshop this lunch. CRAP. It was bloody painful too as I lay on the ground and people screamed and called an ambulance. I didn't get all of it-just a painful forceon my side and it knocked into me and I fell to the ground instantly, but alsolike in slow motion, yknow? And I yelled out because it hurt so much and then everything became fuzzy and white and more white and more white and I felt blinded and I just remember thinking 'this is all Holly's fault that stupid cow' and then it completely whited out and my vision went blank.

And then it was like I was dreaming and I was flying, like when you're seven and all you want to do is jump and hover about. It wasn't flying though so much as floating and I was outside somebody's house on the same street as school and I could see a large crowd around a crossing, and men wheeling a stretcher to an ambulance. I felt stranegly compelled to follow the stretcher and observe this girl who was lying motionless. She seemed dressed for school but with a few alterations: for example the extra button on her shirt undone, her regulation skirt rolled up an inch and a layer of foundation giving her stiff features an ironic glow of life.  Her nazy blue blazer was discoloured with brown blood on the shoulder and her long iron-straight chocolate tresses were also encrusted. I felt like I was going to throw up as I saw those very familiar emerald eyes open wide with fear. The same eyes which were covered with a cloth by the paramedics.

I'd DIED? How the hell did that work out?

The End

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