Dance Lessons (Garrus x Reader)Mature

             Commander (y/n) Shepard let out a heavy sigh as the headache inducing thumping of the obnoxiously loud music thundered all around, making her insides vibrate along to the fast paced beat. She had never liked clubs…..well, despised was the word that was better fit her feelings towards these kinds of places. So why was she spending her valuable time here in this bar when she should be out saving humanity from the Collectors? Well, the long and short of it was that her companions thought that she was working herself too hard and needed to let loose, even if it was just for one night at the nearest night club they could find. It was needless to say that, no matter how strong the great Commander of the Normandy was, she couldn't win against all of them, so she was quickly and rather unwillingly dolled up then dragged to the bar before wandering off to the darkest, quietest corner she could find to try and enjoy her drinks in whatever peace she could find in the place while the rest of her friends occupied the dance floor and partied to their hearts content. The only one who didn't leave her was her darling turian boyfriend Garrus, who was kind enough to offer staying with her instead of dancing like the rest of their friends. He was the only thing that made this entire venture bearable for the Commander. Unfortunately, Garrus had left to go buy her something to eat so now here she was, sitting alone at the bar, only growing more aggravated every second he was gone. Shepard let out yet another aggravated sigh before slamming down her newly filled glass of blue tinted alcohol then buried her face in her hands, finally giving into the feeling of exhaustion that had been threatening to take hold of her since she walked into that god forsaken club.

             After who knows how long-seconds, minutes, hours? Who knew? It was hard to tell when you’re on the brink of passing out-Shepard felt someone poking her shoulder. ‘Not Garrus.’ Those were the first words that popped into her head when she first felt that poking. No, the finger that kept pressing against her bare shoulder wasn't the talloned fingers of a turian….it was soft and rounded…human. Slowly, Shepard lifted her face from her hands to send a cold glare towards whoever had disturbed her rest, and found herself faced with a skinny, deeply tanned man, his face dark red-probably from the large amounts of alcohol he drank-his clothes slightly disheveled, and muddy, dilated, brown eyes that raked up and down her figure. ‘Hell, not another one.’ Shepard thought with a scowl as she glared at the drunken man. Even with Garrus keeping her close at all times, trying to show that the Commander was his, a few of the drunks still thought that they could hit on her…….this made six now. Shepard was now certain that it had something to do with the makeover Tali and Liara initiated before they left the Normandy. (h/l) (h/c) hair styled so that it perfectly framed her slender face, bright (e/c) eyes outlined in dark makeup, full lips coated in (f/c) lipstick which complimented her (s/c) skin perfectly, and-what probably pushed it over the edge-a tight, mid-thigh length, low cut (f/c) dress that hugged her curves to show off her figure. It worked well to entice Garrus sure enough, but it seemed to also attract some extra unwanted attention.

             “Do you need something?” Shepard asked, not even caring if the irritation from her tone dripped from her lips like venom as she crossed her arms. She was in no way, in any way, in the mood to deal with lame flirts, let alone lame drunken flirts. The man wobbled uneasily for a second before using the bar as a crutch-as well as a means to get closer to Shepard.

             “W- *hic* what’s a pretty little lady like you *hic* doin’ ‘ere alone?” He asked, sending a wave of his vile, stale alcohol smelling breath wafting towards the young commander. Shepard scrunched up her nose in disgust at both the putrid stench and at the lame drunken flirt himself.

             “For your information, I’m not alone. I came here with my friends and boyfriend. My friends are on the dance floor and myboyfriend will be back soon.” She replied flatly, overly stressing the word ‘boyfriend’  with the hope that it would be enough to at least slow the man’s advances towards her like it did with all the others…..unfortunately, her words only seemed to further encourage the man as he wrapped a large, hairy arm around her shoulders.  

             “Aww, c’m- *hic* c’mon babe. Don’t play so *hic* play so ‘ard to get.” The man purred as best he could as he leaned in closer, subjecting the poor commander to a more potent dose of his foul smelling breath as it brushed against her skin. Shepard did the best to resist the urge to vomit, trying to distance herself from the man as quickly as she could, but to little avail.

             “Perhaps you didn’t hear me the first time; I have a boyfriend. A very tall, jealous, military trained, turian boyfriend………with a sniper rifle!” The Commander stated, stressing nearly every word in the sentence with a very clear irritable tone. However, even with her consistent pushing and squirming, Shepard couldn’t break free of the lame flirts death vice around her shoulders which was now tightening around her even more now.

             “Pfffft! I can take ‘im on!” He said confidently, giving the space beside him a good-at least for his drunken standards-punch with his free hand and completely ignoring her warnings. Too bad for him then, because if he actually did listen to her…………..he might have noticed the large, ominous shadow that lurked behind him.

             “Oh really now?” A chilling yet comforting voice called out from behind the man. Shepard turned with the drunken flirt soon following her actions to face a very, very pissed off Garrus with a small white bag in one hand glaring daggers at the man who was stupid-or suicidal-enough to have dared to put his arm around his girlfriend. If looks could kill…….the poor man would already be out the airlock. But that idiot flirt still wouldn't back down. Even with Garrus giving him his signature ‘leave or die’ glare, the stupid drunken flirt still thought he could win this fight. The man sneered at the turian and tried to shoo him away with a wave of his hand as if he was dealing with an annoying fly.

             “And who *hic* are you? Bah! Doesn’t matter. Go *hic* away!” The lame, drunken flirt snapped before trying to turn back to Shepard, however, Garrus made that a whole lot more difficult when he forcibly grabbed the man’s shoulder and forced him to face him once again so he could see the murderous look on his face. There was a few seconds of silence, the two men just glaring at each other, neither one refusing to give in.

             “I’ll give you five seconds to get your hands off my girlfriend.” Garrus threatened smoothly, no joke, no added threat, not even an insult was added. Garrus was beyond pissed. No way the flirt was going to get out of this with just a few scratches now. Scoffing, the drunk stood up and positioned himself in a lazy and unbalanced boxing stance, ready for a fight.

             “I can take ya! C’mon *hic* c’mon then!” He taunted. At first, Garrus didn’t do anything but stare at the man, slightly amused by his choice of actions as he sat the small bag in his hand on a nearby table………..then proceeded to give the man a swift knee to the stomach before sending him flying across the room to land on some other poor couple’s table. Satisfied with his toss, Garrus clapped his hands to rid them of any dirt that they might’ve gotten from the lame flirt, then picked the white bag up again to set it down in front of Shepard, who was now just patiently waiting for her boyfriend to sit with her again.

             “Sorry about the wait Shepard, there was a huge line for the kiosk.” Garrus explained casually as he sat down in the seat next to his girlfriend, giving her a warm, loving smile. It was a bit hard to believe that he threw someone across the bar like a football less than a few seconds ago, but I guess things like shock doesn’t affect you as much when you’re doing something like, hmm…I don’t know….fighting the Collectors and Reapers! Shepard shook her head when the thought entered her mind and shrugged it off and started looking through the bag’s contents.

             “It’s alright. I was about to beat him up too anyway……did you happen to pick up any headache medicine along the way?” She asked as yet another high pitched shriek blasted from the sound system, causing a sharp twinge of pain to shoot through her skull. After searching the entire contents of the bag and not finding any medicine, Shepard sighed and took out the piece of (c/f) cake and a fork, poking at it for a few moments before actually taking a small bite. There were a few moments of silence between the couple, Shepard slowly nibbling at her cake and Garrus watching her with concerned interest. It was obvious to nearly anyone that Shepard was unhappy, but what to do about it was the problem that faced Garrus now. He didn’t really have much experience with this sort of thing. Taking a chance and a deep breath, Garrus cleared his throat and leaned in a little closer to his human girlfriend.

             “Come on Shepard, let’s go dance with everyone else. You’re obviously not happy just sitting here drinking the night away.” He pointed out, giving his unhappy girlfriend a little friendly poke at her cheek.

             “No.” Shepard said sternly before taking another minuscule bite from her cake.

             “Why not?” Everyone else seems to be having fun, why don’t you want to join them?” Garrus made a gesture to the rest of their merry little band of alien misfits on the dance floor. Shepard didn’t answer this time. She just sat there looking down at the cake she was mercilessly prodding with her fork as a light blush started to stain her cheeks. She could feel Garrus’ eyes on her, waiting for her to answer like a true gentleman, but it didn’t really help the situation in her case. After what felt like an eternity to the commander, she finally spoke.

              “I………….I can’t dance.” The words she spoke were practically silent as she slowly started to curl her body inward, hoping that Garrus didn’t hear what she said.

             He did.

             And he laughed.

             It started out as a few choked chuckles rumbling from his throat, then slowly evolved into those full out peals of laughter that were just loud enough to be heard above the deafening music, wildly embarrassing his poor girlfriend whose face was now red enough to rival a cooked lobster.

             “D-Don’t laugh! You’re my boyfriend; you’re not supposed to laugh!!” Shepard cried, lightly punching Garrus’ arm before burying her face in her hands on the table, making Garrus laugh even more.

             “I’m sorry Shepard, it’s just… could you not know how to dance? Didn’t you ever learn how?” He asked once he was able to talk without chuckling, but just barely. Shepard started to haunch her shoulders, turtling into herself.

             “I was born into Earth’s under city, no parents since I was six, been running from the law since I was seven, then was training in the Alliance since I was eighteen. There was no time for dance lessons!” By now, Shepard had brought her knees up into her chair and had successfully curled into a little ball of red faced shame right then and there. Garrus did his best to stifle another chuckle or two at the sight of his girlfriend’s new position, though his attempts were unsuccessful. Suddenly, an idea formed in the turian man’s mind; the type of idea that usually led to him spending the night in the captain’s quarters.

             “Do you want to learn now?” He asked, his deep voice rumbling in the sexy mischievous way that he knew drove his girlfriend wild. Shepard looked up from her knees and raised an eyebrow, curious to what he was hinting at.

             “What do you mean?” She asked hesitantly,  an uncertain suspicious tone underlined her words but Garrus just smiled and stood up, turning to Shepard, and extended a hands out to her.

             “Dance lessons, Garrus style. How about it Shepard?” He asked her, fully allowing the flirtatious tone in his voice to drip from his mouth like honey. Shepard was silent for a few moments, contemplating the idea and how it’d turn out in the end, carefully evaluating each pro and con in her head. Eventually, a gentle smile graced the commander’s lips as she took hold of Garrus’ hand, letting him help her out of her chair.

             “When you put it like that, how could I refuse? I expect good things from you Vakarian; I hope you can live up to the expectations.” She said slyly as she looked up at her boyfriend, admiration and mischief in same swirling in her (e/c) orbs.

             “Oh, I think I can do that….and maybe a little more.” Garrus purred with an added wiggle of his non-existent eyebrows before writing a quick little note for the rest of the team and leaving the bar hand and hand with Shepard.  


I took Shepard back to the Normandy. We probably won’t be coming back to the club. Please try to be quiet when you come back to the ship. Have fun!



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*time skip back to the Normandy*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


             It didn’t take long for Shepard to start getting extremely nervous as she sat on her bed, looking around her room as Garrus scanned her sound system for a song they could dance to. She hadn’t expected he’d ask if they could do the dance lessons in her room but he was right when he said someone could easily interrupt us when they came back from the bar, but it’s still slightly nerve racking when she’s up there alone with Garrus. Meanwhile, Garrus’ only concern was finding a song that would really turn this night into something special for them, to melt her heart and set the mood. After about five minutes of searching, a song finally caught Garrus’ eye. The words, ‘All About Us’ lit up the screen of the sound system, a song that Shepard was practically obsessed with not too long before they started dating. He remembered how she’d always be listening to it and would even make him listen to it a few times. It was perfect for tonight. Satisfied with his find, Garrus stood back up and walked towards his fidgeting girlfriend.

             “Ready to start?” He asked her, extending his hand out to her once again. Shepard looked up at him with those big, expectant (e/c) eyes of hers, her (s/c) cheeks now deeply dusted with red and nodded, slowly standing up with a little help from Garrus.

             “Alright, all you have to do is place your left hand here-” Garrus placed Shepard’s hand on his upper left arm then warped it around the small of her waist, pulling her body closer to his, “and all you gotta do with the other hand is just hold onto mine.” Garrus intertwines his fingers with hers and raises their hands up about mid-chest high.

             “But what about the steps?” Shepard asks, starting to become a bit embarrassed about how close their bodies were. Garrus looked down at her with a loving expression before leaning down to whisper in her ear.

             “Just follow my lead.” He assured her, his heated breath blowing against the sensitive skin of her ear, immediately doubling the intensity of her blush. Suddenly, Garrus took a step forward, forcing the commander to take a step back. A second later, he made a quick side step, accidently causing Shepard to stumble and step on his foot.

             “S-sorry! I tripped and…..sorry….” Shepard trailed off, too embarrassed and nervous to continue. Garrus chuckled silently, reveling in the joy seeing this side of his commander. Everyone saw Shepard as a strong, confident, brave woman…..this nervous, jittery, embarrassed side of her was a beautiful sight…….and he’s the only one who gets to see it. The thought brought a slight, loving smile to his face as he placed a quick kiss on her forehead.

             “It’s alright……you can step on my feet as many times as you want.” He assured her. Shepard smiled to herself and looked down on her feet, hiding her blush from the turian man in front of her. Garrus started moving to the steps once again, slower this time, so that Shepard could easily follow as she stared at her feet to keep them from landing on his again. After a while, the steps became more comfortable to the commander. The smile on her face grew as the two danced across the room, enjoying the feeling of being in someone’s arms, at least until Garrus suddenly stopped.

             “I think you got the moves down. Want to try it with some music? I think you’ll really like the one I have picked out.” He said with a confident tone in his voice. Shepard looked up and nodded, wondering what song he picked. Garrus hummed in response and looked up a bit at the ceiling.

             “Hey EDI? Could you please play the song that’s set up on the Commander’s sound system?” He asked the AI. A second later, the ever so comforting sound of EDI’s automated voice rang out from the ceiling.

             “Of course. One moment please.” She answered in that ever-present electronic monotone Joker would always complain about. A second hadn’t even gone by when suddenly, a sweet, familiar, acoustic melody resonated throughout the Commander’s room. Surprised, Shepard looked up at Garrus, slightly shocked that he remembered the song that she had memorized by heart, but was unable to say a word as Garrus placed a chaste kiss on her lips.

             “Care to dance with me…. (y/n)?” The sound of how Garrus said her name in that low, rumbling, sexy voice sent shivers up and down (y/n)’s spine. He’d rarely use her first name, which only made it that much sweeter.

             “I would want nothing more.” She responded happily, a dreamy, far away tone in her voice as she laid her head on his chest and closed her eyes.


Take my hand, I’ll teach you to dance,

I’ll spin you around, won’t let you fall down.

Would you let me lead? You can step on my feet.

Give it a try, it’ll be alright.


             (y/n) sighed happily; words could not describe how happy she felt right then. She wasn’t sure if she could feel the floor beneath her feet anymore, as if their danced was slowly rising from the floor and heading towards heaven. Feeling of warmth from his body against hers as he held her close, that feeling of security he gave her. It was a fantastical feeling it was almost as if it was a dream.


Suddenly, I’m feeling brave,

Don’t know what’s got into me,

Why I feel this way.

Can we dance, real slow?

Can I hold you-can I hold you close?


             (y/n) felt Garrus’ grip around Shepard’s waist tighten at the words, “can I hold you close” and buried his face into her soft, silk-like (h/c) locks, breathing in her sweet scent. He couldn’t get enough of it; she was his addiction and there was no way he was going to stop. He didn’t want that moment to end…..he just wanted to stay like that; dancing to the sweet, soft paced music, holding his lover in his arms, feeling the gentle warmth that radiated from her slender body, with only the subtle blue glow from the aquarium on the wall to illuminate their bodies in the darkness.


Do you hear that love? They’re playing our song.

“Do you hear that love? They’re playing our song.”

Do you think we’re ready? Oh, I’m really feeling it.

“Do you think we’re ready? Oh, I’m really feeling it.”

Do you hear that love? Do you hear that love?

“Do you hear that love? Do you hear that love?”


             Garrus nearly froze when he heard (y/n) quietly singing along to the song. He hadn’t heard her sing before; he never even knew she could sing! The sound of her singing could make one of Earth’s mythical siren’s most seductive songs sound like a dying cat to his ears. He wanted to hear her sing more, her wanted to hold her in his arms forever, he wanted her to be by his side until the end of time….he wanted her. As the song came to an end, so did the dancing until the couple were just standing there, silent and still, not moving a single muscle, innocent (e/c) orbs staring up into lust filled sea green ones. Their faces were only inches apart, the heat of their breath brushing against their skin, nervousness stopping them from closing that short distance. Slowly, Garrus leaned forward, closing the gap between their mouths at an agonizing pace until finally, he reached (y/n)’s soft, pale lips. He watched as her long eyelashes batted as her eyelids fluttered shut. (y/n) slowly brought her hands up to cup Garrus’ face as he ran a hand through her hair, twisting and pulling the strands around his finger. Suddenly, the kiss was cut short when (y/n) accidently backed into the base of her bed and crumbled backwards and onto her soft, fluffy comforter…..accidently dragging Garrus down with her.

             “Ow……..” (y/n) groaned quietly. She could feel something heavy on top of her and it was really hurting her boobs and-wait. Heavy? (y/n)’s eyes snapped open, and her cheeks instantly flushed. Garrus was just starting to lift himself off her smaller form, but stopped after he had propped himself up with his arms, looking down at her with lustful glossy sea green eyes.


             “You know, (y/n), the dance lessons were fun and all, but I wanna try some other ways to relax.”

Extended Ending!


*As the turian, human couple enjoys their night together, a short red headed girl with a large notebook and a sledge hammer next to her sits outside the door, furiously scribbling away on the paper in her notebook and giggling to herself.*


             “Aww! So cute! Why didn’t I come here sooner?!”

             “Hey, Garrus? You up he-what the hell!!”

             “Huh? Oh, hi Zaeed!”

             “How do you know-nevermind that, who are you and what are you doing here?!”

             “I’m the author. I write things and they happen, and right now I'm writing what's going on on the other side of this door.”

             “Right, and I’m the king of kittens.”

             “………………….LET THERE BE KITTENS!!”

             “What the-?! WHAT THE F***?!?!? WHERE DID ALL THESE CATS COME FROM?!?!?!”

            “Teeheehee, Sorry, but I am the Kitty Queen.”

            “Ser Pounce-A-Lot?”

            “Hey! I said no more sneaking through the 4th wall with me! Go home Anders!!”

The End

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