Triple C'sMature

Michael licked the sticky bubblegum flavoured Popsicle juice off of his hands. His eyes were closed with the pure bliss of being out on such a hot day and enjoying his favourite summer treat. The eyes of a particular spongy cartoon character were thrown in a pile with the nose of Sonic and the neon coloured wrappers. The three friends next to him licked various flavours off of their palms and arms, wishing that the heat hadn’t devoured their overpriced treat as fast as they did. Ron, the red haired prisoner of a freckled and rather pale body, spit his black gum out and stuck his tongue out to the sky. Michael winced and threatened to make another speech on gum being the grossest of all candies and that it shouldn’t even be considered candy at all in fact but, the weather was too nice and so was the quiet mood. A tree shifted its needles causing a cascade of them to fall into the piles already forming on the ground.

“Ester, remember when ice cream was seventy five sense?” he asked from the side of pool. Michael was strong, the medication made you feel as if you were some Nirvana inspired superhero, being able to flip cars and blow up cement by only stepping. He flicked bits of cement into water, imagining himself as the Hulk, imagining him throwing bits of some wall into tanks.

 Now, you’re probably wondering where that pool came from and why there is a pool in Alaska. I have only one answer for that: that this stories scenery takes place everywhere and nowhere, just as the characters thoughts. And that the only way of keeping up is to continue reading and feeling.

Summer leaves floated smoothly to Ester’s outstretched fingers from the diving board. Her cherry-bomb hair (the name on the box had interested her. Her need for being the black sheep giving her a taste in pop art and cheetah prints) tickled her cheeks, and the girl clinging to the octopus floaty underneath the diving board.
She replied, “Michael, remember when I actually gave a shit?” She flipped a curly red lock out of her amber eyed vision and smiled at the boy who balanced on the edge of cement and water. The cold and cough medicine they had taken in heavy doses had swamped their heads with thick butter, not even sizzling in the 98 degree weather. No one knew what was going on, they only wanted to feel. Ron spit out a red pill with another piece of gum, it flew higher than he had intended, as did he. Michael didn’t like Ron or Stef (the Asian girl who clung to the octopus) but, he did like Ester and so he was willing to invite the potheads to his humble abode. The triple Cs had been his idea to prevent him from having to make interesting conversations and cater to everyone’s wishes. He didn’t like people and so talking to them was just a quick way for him to let them know that. Nothing was happening in this little backyard congested with a kidney shaped pool and pre-school toys. Nothing was going to for the next hour or so and that was just fine with everyone.

The End

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