All is AwMature

Wasilla, Alaska, now known as Sara Palin's territory. To the adolescent inhabitants, its very existence is an excuse to do drugs. Boredom leaks from the ears of these teenagers, and they're willing to give you a taste; for fifty.

 INTRODUCTION: When you think of Alaska do you think of snowy, barely feasible towns? Do you imagine Alaskans in whale skinned jackets and rabbit fur gloves walking around with spears? And do you imagine caribou and igloos everywhere? If you do, don’t feel dumb (though that was a very stupid thing of you to imagine). Many imagine Alaska as this frozen tundra (aka Antarctica) covered in seals and penguins. The tall pines blocking out the high in the sky sun move lightly with the cool summer air. The roads have bits and pieces of green leaves stuck to them from being run over countless times by trucks. We are Alaskans, and we are in summer.

The End

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