All In The Past

My dearest,

I haven't forgotten our meeting, I promise. But it has been so long. Are you sure you'll still remember me? I find it so hard to see the future in this way. How can you know that we will not meet and pass each other like strangers in the street? No, I think it is best if you send me a photograph.


Eleri crumpled the paper into a ball and threw it down to the floor. It was useless. It didn't help her at all. She picked up the next letter. Perhaps this would tell her something?

My dear,

I am waiting to see you again. I can hardly wait until the day when you are in my arms once more! But perhaps it will not be like that. Perhaps I am nothing to you now.

I wish we didn't have to worry about this kind of thing. I wish everything was how it used to be.


Again, Eleri threw the letter down. These were next to useless! Why did she have to read them all? They did not tell her what she wanted to know and they did not give her any more clues. Without the other half of the correspondence she would not be able to find the information.

Sighing, she picked up the last folder of papers. A photograph fell out. Then a letter, a document and another letter followed.


The End

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