Dinner and a ShowMature

"Here we are." As if it really needed being said, but I am just so giddy that I can barely mask my excitement. "Lemme get that for you." Though we are clearly not a couple, I can see a few people at the window checking us out, so I figure I should throw up an illusion and get the door for my dear sister Annie.

"I can get it myself, thank you Jack." Annie seems a bit tense, but she might just be a tad nervous. I can understand though. We had to murder 24 people all at the same time. Check that, 23. The person who hired us is on the inside. "Are you ready?" She breathes, smoothing her dress.

"As ready as I was on my first job. Let's go!" I sling my arm through hers and begin skipping up the walk. Again, I can barely mask my excitement.

"Hello!" A butler greets us at the door with a smile. "And you are?"

"Jack and Annie."

"Very good. I can take your coats." We slip ours off and hand them to him.

"Oh wait a moment. I left something in the pocket!" I call back. My hand reaches into the pocket and pulls out both a vial of liquid and a cigarette box. Old fashion and just the way I like it.

"Very good sir. The rest of the guests are in that room over there." He points towards where the music is coming from, and walks off elegantly to help someone else.

"Jackie, I am quite glad you could invite me. This is so much fun. We haven't done a group this big before."

"No I think... No, the Donner party was eighteen, that's right. Yea, this is the largest group so far. I brought along a vial of cyanide with me, and I've got a few capsules of my special product."

"Are we going to put the cyanide in the punch or the wine?"

"I was thinking that would be more of a last resort towards the end of the night. Wouldn't it be excellent fun to drug them and torture them in the basement?"

"Jackie. You know I just got my nails done. If we tortured them there's a chance they might break."

"Too true, too true. Well, alright. I'll toss the vial in later. Hey! How are you? I didn't know you were going to be here!" A buddy of mine from high-school had come up mid sentence. He's wearing a nice suit with a lovely tie.

"Jack! I haven't seen you in ages! God, where has the time gone?"

"I know! We used to be best friends! I loved your last christmas card."

"Yours too. Though, the "Kill you later" bit was a tad unorthodox, but you were always a jokester! What were you guys talking about?"

"Oh, I was just telling Annie about how I was going to poison the punch. Ha!" I laugh as I say that last bit. In-fact, the three of us all laugh with one another.

"Hey, I'm Annie." She reaches over and shakes his hand.

"Well, hello there, I'm Ben. Well, nice seeing you again buddy!" He walks off, cup in hand, clearly having hit the punch a bit early.

"Anna-banana, I do hope he goes for more punch later."

"We'll just make a toast to a happy valentines day or something."

The night drones on for a few hours before we feel we should act. Some people seem restless. Luckily for us, the host is standing and calling for all of our attention.

"People! I know it's getting late, and frankly appetizers are not going to hold us all off for the night. I've got my butler to make us a fine pot roast! The table is set up and I would like for you all to join me over in the dining room." Perfect. As the herd moves to the dining room, I gesture for Annie to go off with them.

"I'll be right there. Don't eat the pot roast kay?" I whisper. Her smile grows wide as she nods to me. In the kitchen the butler is standing over the pot, humming a lovely tune to himself. A sip with the spoon, a good grunt of satisfaction, and the pot roast is poured into a serving bowl. With his head turned away from the food, I reach my arm over his shoulder and toss in the contents of my lovely vial. Quiet footsteps off to the dining room, and I take my seat next to Annie.

"Cheers! To a lovely valentines day!"

"Here, here!" The wine was fantastic. A wonderful aroma follows the food out to the table. Everyone follows it along as Annie and I exchange giggles. It was time for a spectacular show.

"Jack, Annie, would you like some Roast? It looks delicious."

"Oh, I'm sorry no. We both ate too many of those little wieners."

And so it began. Everyone had already eaten a good deal of death before the first person started choking. Smoke poured out of their mouth as they started clutching their throat.

"Oh god I think he's- Ack!" the next guest started spewing vapor.

One by one, each person began feeling the effects of my tasty ingredient. Annie and I stood up, smiling at the host as he gasped for air, and laughed in unison.

"It really was a fantastic party, thank you for inviting us." Ben had been the last person to eat, and he was staring up me horrified. I kneel down to him. My gloved hand pats his cheek.

"I guess I won't see you at the next reunion, huh? Bye buddy!"

We came out pretty well. No one had enough sense to scream, and every single one of them had done their parts in the process. As we make it out of the front door the butler races up behind us.

"Thank you for this. Here is the rest of the money as promised. How are we to dispose of the bodies?"

"Hmm? Oh right." Annie takes the money from his as I pull out the cigarette box. "If you get your stuff out of the house we can just burn the place down if you want."

"Sure, anything you say." He is sweating and sees a tad jumpy so I rest my hand on his shoulder.

"Relax friend. We've done this before. Here, Annie, call 911 and send the fire trucks somewhere else."


"Just get your stuff. Oh, wait here, I'll be right back too." Quickly, scattering the bit of gasoline I had in my pocket, I walk over to Ben. "You know, I really like this tie."

The butler had his coat with him outside and was making his way down to the bus stop. I light a ciggy, throw my match in, and call to him.

"Hey! We can drop you off!" No sense making the poor man walk. He gets into our car, thanks us yet again, and tells me where he lives.

"Mind if we stop at McDonald's first? We're a bit hungry."

"No problem at all." He still seems nervous. It's like he's afraid of us or something. Annie turns around to him as she takes off her large earrings.

"Hey, we don't want to lose a customer, just relax. We won't do anything to you. Hey wait... Isn't that Ben's tie?"

"Oh yea. I just had to have it you know, and it's not like he's going to use it again or anything."

The End

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