All in a nites work.Mature

I caught the bus into town, standing room only as it is always busy at this time of night. The usual same faces, going into town to catch the late showing on at the cinema or out to eat in one of its many fancy bars and restaurants. Doubting to myself very much that they would be heading to my part of town.

The bus driver clocks me as I go to step off, 'look after yourself tonight love" he says with no real expression, as the doors close behind me and I stare for a moment as the bus drives away.

The bar is quite busy, as the noise hits me. I make my way through the crowds, the Smokey atmosphere burning my nostrils. Must be the only place left were you can smoke now in London.

Aging, fat balding men, so typical and stereo typecast of the punters in this business. We get the odd one or two who are under forty, but they tend to be on stag do's or lads weekends, not normally into any extras, unlike the weirdo’s that walk through the door occasionally, 30 something and into all sort of weird stuff, nerds who cant get girlfriends or cant be bothered with the chase of picking up a woman in a club, so they pay.

‘Your late’ says Julie, my madam if you like. She looks after us, sees we come to no harm ,as long that is as we do our part.

I pull a face and quickly hurry through, taking off my jacket, throwing it on the back of a chair as I walk over to my locker, to take out tonight’s fashion ensemble.

As I wait behind the curtain, for my q, smoothing my short black wig, pulling gently on my thigh high black rubber boots, then lick my forefingers before tweaking my nipples in turn, so they are each hard. Just as the music changes, so out I go.

Striding wide, really pushing out my hips in a swagger, over to the centre pole. Taking on my role, feeling the music as I glide and slither around the pole and down to the floor then back up again. Turning my back against the pole, legs akimbo as I arch my back and push my ass out in front of the crowd. My body moving in time to the beat, the up tempo kind that they play in all the clubs across the country. All the time my mind not on my body, or the leering faces, as they push fivers into the front of my thong, or throw them in front of me dancing. But on my kids. I’m doing this for my kids.

I’m doing this for them, so we can have some kind of life.

And I push my butt out a bit more.

The End

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