All in a nights work.Mature

Prostitue, hooker, single mum, working hard, past life before this. a nite at work.

I feel blood running through my veins, as I rush around trying to get the kids to bed, and quickly tidy the house up. Keep their toys, wash the supper pots up, feed the dog, put the rubbish out, all after i had downed a large glass of vodka.

The only thing that numbs my mind.

I cant go untill they are settled, as if they know that Tracey is here in the living room, watching T.V, boy, there is no way they are gona go to sleep.

she sits for me to or three times a week, Sleeps over, as I usually get back in about 4. 5 at the latest, or should I say that is the latest I have got in, Then I can try and sleep for a few hours before the kids get up at 7.

Ready to start the day again.

The End

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