Jackie and I walked side by side beginning the journey down my long driveway, that seemed to never end. Just when you thought it was the last turn, another would appear.

The cow field was from the right of us,  we have about twent-five cows grazing. They really didnt bother me, they were surprisingly pretty cool. On the left of us was horse pastures, which was my favorite part of the farm. We have about three horses, all pintos/paints. Moe, was a black and white pinto/paint  and has short puffy mane, looking like a moe hawk, hense the name. Then there is my girl, Dandy a dark brown and white pinto/paint. She is great, and seemed to understand everything you said to her. Then there is "Old Man" Tucker. He was up there in age but most deffinately not in heart. There are more animals then just cows and horses. We have pigs,chickens, and a few goats. My parents love the farm. So did I, but  I don't just love the farm, I love the corn field,the animals, the feeling. I can't explain it, but it is a great feeling.

"We can go riding in a bit if ya want?" I ask. "Sure, who should I ride?" she asks kicking a pebble along the dirt drive.

We finally got to the house setting our books and bags on the kitchen floor. "Hey ma!" I bellow yelling while I head to the fridge for some ice cold lemonade. "Hey girls! Im going riding. Meet me out there if you'd like!" I hear the back door slam closed. "Will do," I say muttering to myself then smirking. Jackie chuckles and grabs the remaining cup of lemonade. "Now that hits the spot," she says. "Most deff." I say heading to the back window. Jackie stands beside me looking out the the prairie, my ma was heading into the barn to get Tucker out. Tucker may be old, but he was always ready for a good ride every once in a while. Jackie tended to ride Moe, and I always rode Dandy.

I begin to hear loud prints being place into the ground by the cows, on the other side of the room, I walk a faster pace to the window, all you could hear was "moo!"

The End

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