All I want is . . .a Summer to Remember

Leah carcey and her sibling live on a farm in vermont. Leah is sick of the daily schedualed summer. She wants a change. When she finds out that one of her guy best friends have liked her, she thinks this might be a summer to remember.

Lockers slamming, teachers cheering, children hollering, papers dropped, doors rushed through . . .is what I loved about the last day of school.  My favorite teacher, Mr. Eddy could barely look me in the eye once he read my card. No, I never suck up to the teachers. He was like family which I was going to miss. Other then that, I was thrilled to go through the doors of Nichol's Junior High one last time. 

Ofcourse I couldn't wait for summer to begin because I would be in highschool instead of middle school. But, for now I just wanted a summer to remember.

I begin my walk to bus number twenty-two where Paul was sitting on his black drivers seat ready for the signal to go. Almost like in a race. You could tell he would rather be sitting at home watching a recorded version of the football game from the weekend before. Who would like to drive us around? We are insane.

I march my way down the isle and find the second to last seat empty. I plop down looking into the isle for Jackie to see me as she walked onto the bus.   Ben and Jack, my younger brothers strolled down the isle and slipped into the last seat. I garuntee they weren't the most popular kids in there grade. Ben was in seventh grade and Jack was in sixth. They didn't always have the cleanest hair, or the nicest clothes. But once you got to know them they were great.  I pull down the window thats surprisingly a lot easier to open.  "lee lee lee lee lee!" Jack screeched from behind me. Jack was like that. Random. Funny. Weird. But, he has the funniest sounds and faces. I glance over to ben who is chuckling as he is shuffling through some papers that are stuffed into his red binder.

Jackie finally shuffles her way down the isle and to my seat. "Ugh!" she huffs as she plops onto the seat. Jackie had natural blonde hair, and icy blue eyes. She was one of the skinniest people I knew. She has a great sense of humor and is usually laughing. When we are together it is crazy.

"You coming over today?" I asked looking out of the corner of my eye as the rest of the orange buses began to roar.
"Sure, I'll just come straight to your house," she says fixing a clip, that apparently is holding excess hair.
"Okie dokie artichokie," I say smiling. I turn my vision to Ben and jack who are muttering amongst themselves.

When the bus haulted to a stop infront of my yellow farmer's porched house. My ma stood with our berenese mountain dog, Buddy. Not the most unique name. But it was a name. I stood up stretching my stiff legs and began weaving my way down the isle. When I got to Paul I gave him "knuckles" and went down the 3 steep steps of bus twenty-two. Ben,Jack, and Jackie followed.

The End

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