Chapter One: LockersMature

September 9- Manhattan, New York

I was waiting for Noelle, but she was unusually late today, so I rode the bus to school, feeling unsure of what was going on. To me it was one of those days where you were paranoid about everything, and you tried to calm your radar down. But mine just kept shouting "something's wrong" at me and I couldn't shake the feeling.

As I aproached the steps of St. Vincent High, I strode past my locker and went straight to class. There was an odd smell in the hall of something rotting. I brushed it off as dead rodents.  But then again, the smell had also sent my radar flying.

Math was first and Noelle still didn't appear in class. She kept to her promises, unless something was up.

I pulled out my cell phone and texted her Noelle? Where are you, text me back asap.

At that time, I looked up and Mr.Bridges was standing there, hovering over me. "Phone." He said, holding his hand out. "You'll get it back after class, Miss. Harrison."

I rolled my eyes and sat in class, ignoring what Mr.Bridges said. Every word was garbage to me. I was a straight A student, and had been accepted into every university with a full scholarship. In other words, I was brilliant.

After class, I went out to my locker to see, if Noelle had dropped off her bag. We shared my locker.

The smell seemed stronger than before. 

I twisted in the combination and scraped of the lock. I swung the door open and Noelle's body was stuffed there with a note that read. Chloe, I'm coming after you. Watch your back. You'll never know who's next. - ?

I screamed and folded the note into my pocket. Christian Lockhart found me, and wrapped his arms around me, before removing them when he saw Noelle's body. By this time, I was crying so hard, I couldn't see what was happening around me.

Christian took me away, from the crowd that was gathering.

"Why? Who?" I choked out. The note in my pocket felt like it was burning me.

"Chloe? Are you okay? Calm down, it's okay." Christian said.

"No! Nothing's okay. Noelle's dead." I sobbed, I couldn't help but feeling this was my fault.


The End

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