All I Can Breathe Is Your Life.Mature

As Kate watches Claire slipping her skirt to the floor, Kate thanks God Locke put them in this house together. She lets her eyes dance across the surface of Claire’s wonderful skin, pale but with a golden glow from being out in the sun. It’s the same golden glow that’s in her hair. Claire’s whole appearance makes Kate shiver, it always radiates so much warmth and love. It’s as if the sun is always with her, in her eyes and in her smile and it never fails make Kate feel too hot all of a sudden. It’s everything about Claire that makes Kate want to hold her and never let her go.   


Claire’s naked and she swears she can feel Kate’s eyes on her body, but she’s not self-conscious, she’s not shy about it like she used to be. Kate always gives her such a sense of security, a sense of belonging. She makes her feel wanted and so very much alive. She always looked upon Kate as the tough girl, the one who climbed trees and went on long hikes with Jack. She never seemed to slow down, never seemed to be tired, always doing something. In a way, she had always secretly admired Kate, wondered what was underneath that surface of imperturbability. Kate was beautiful, from her piercing eyes to her slender body and Claire was happy to know what was underneath that outer shell.


Kate reaches for Claire, her hands on her waist, pulling her closer. Her hands cup Claire’s face and her eyes linger over her beautiful features before placing a kiss on her lips. Her smell and taste add up so perfectly, it’s all so deliciously sweet and Kate presses her body closer. Claire gives into the kiss, letting Kate run her tongue along hers. Their kiss is soft, but Kate moans in Claire’s mouth and wants more and Claire gives in. When Claire’s fingers playfully circle around Kate’s thighs, Kate arches her back and bites back a moan. It’s all a blur from there, Claire’s hands on her body, Kate’s fingers inside of Claire, their bodies close together, their breathing loud and fast. They both shudder as they come, whispering each other names.  


When they pull the sheets over them later that night, a thought flashes through Kate’s mind.  


There is no reason why Sawyer should know that Claire is her real secret agenda.

The End

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