On the Rocks

Hi Carol, “I went all the way home to find that chart and didn’t find it.” Tina said.

“Tina!” her office assistant exclaimed, “Remember, I told you I’d make the copies and bring it to the meeting?”  Puzzled by Tina's forgetfulness, Carol continued, “When you were down the hall this morning I took it to make copies.  Here, she handed her the set of copies.  “You’re all set.”

“You took it out of my portfolio…on my desk?  No wonder!  I thought I was really losing it.  Rita must have thought I was crazy.”

“OK, Breathe…breathe,” Tina said to herself as she sat at her desk.  She looked outside at the solid light blue sky and took a moment to breathe.  She liked her office, though small, she found it serene when she took a moment to notice.  But she really wished she could just stay home, she wished she could take a vacation for a year or two.  What she was doing and what she wanted in life for her family were not in sync.

Tina spoke aloud as if chatting with her friend, “I’m really preoccupied with getting back together with Andrew.  We are both trying to make it work again.  I don’t know how we got to this point.  Priorities just stopped matching.”

“Tina?” Carol said, “Did you say something?”

“No, nothing.  Nevermind.” Tina said. 

“Good afternoon, this is Tina.”  Answering her ringing office telephone in her professional voice.

 “Good afternoon, Tina, how’d your presentation go?” he said.

“Andrew, thanks for calling.  It’s been a fast paced morning, unnecessarily so.  To make a long story short, I was set to present my report then it was pushed back so far down on the agenda that I simply described the handouts and everyone was satisfied to leave it for discussion next month.  I’ve had enough, anyway, so it’s just as well.  All I can think about is you, Andrew, I feel like a school girl, again.”

Tina took a break for Andrew to speak.

“So, shall I come tonight for dinner?”  Andrew asked.  "I'd love to spend some time at home with you and the kids."

"Well, Andrew, I am so glad we are planning this family trip for the weekend.  I’ve not had a chance to tell Tina or Daniel.  I’m not sure if tonight is the best time to tell them.” Tina said.  “Daniel has only been out of detention and back home for a few days and seems a bit withdrawn.”

“Tina, I’m sure they’ll love the beach house.” Andrew said. 

Tina continued, “I know.  Remember how they loved running on the beach and scared me so when they trekked so far out on those rocks with you.  You all made me crazy.”

Andrew said, “I know.  We had so much fun at your expense that day.  But we are all still laughing about it.  Right?”

“Sure.”  Tina admitted, “I really thought it was funny too.  I loved how you all were having such a good time together.” Tina said, “Ok.  How about tomorrow, after work and school, come by, we’ll all have dinner together.  Maybe I’ll start the grill.”

“Great.  Shall I stop on the way for steaks?  On second thought, how about we do those burgers that Daniel likes?  That will make for a comfortable dinner.”

Tina agreed with the man she loves.  She knows her days and nights are better with Andrew.  "Maybe over the weekend I’ll join you all and also climb out on the rocks.”

The End

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