Birthday Party Surprises

I sighed loudly as my mother headed out the door in a rush. She was always rushing these days. Running to and fro, trying to make ends meet after my father left her…and everything was something to change. Everything had to undergo a change to become perfect. And I was her next project.  

Once of course, all the paper was gone. 

I headed to the answering machine to listen to the message she couldn’t understand. If she couldn’t understand it, that meant its Rogers, talking in secret codes. 

It’s kind of entertaining to listen to all of his messages—I saved them on the machine—because half the time he doesn’t know what he’s saying either. I clicked the red button to play the latest.  

“Hey…(muffled talking)…I thought about…the thing and the thing…(laughter now)…and we…well you know…ha-ha…so…ha-ha…that thing…well…yeah.” I burst out laughing and sat on the edge of the sofa, holding my sides. 

He was obviously referring to the hidden patch of grass in the woods behind my house (the thing) and that we should meet there once I’m home. He knew of course that I didn’t have cheer practice today because his girlfriend and my best friend, Katie, didn’t have cheer practice. Yes, I hate going behind her back but I love Rogers in a way that is … unexplainable. 

I guess he lets me be myself. I don’t have to put up a front around him—I can trust him. Unlike the last guy I loved, Mark, who’s halfway across the country now. I trusted him but that ended badly and I don’t plan on having it end badly this time. He seemed just like the guy out of that song. Don’t Trust Me by 3OH!3. I don’t trust him. Not anymore at least. 

I think the real issue is love. It’s like the morning sunrise, such a surprise. When the sun comes up its like letting you know that God’s willing you to live through another morning. It almost needs to be present with confetti and a loud unison shout of “SURPRISE!” 

But there’s no confetti in the skies. In fact, the last time I saw confetti was at Katie’s surprise birthday party last month. She had been surprised then, I wonder how surprised she’ll be now. 

If she finds out …

The End

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