All But Her Strings

A girl wakes up to find herself lost on the streets with nothing but her guitar.
She has no memories of her past except how to play the guitar.

The wind whipped her pale face, waking her from a somewhat gently slumber.

Yawning quietly, Laela stretched out her arms and opened her eyes to see the usual dark lightless bedroom shaded by a set of heavy woolen curtains.

Fluttering her eyes gently open she saw something different.  There she lay underneath the luminescent stars in an empty field.  All she could see was long, lush green grass for miles and miles as well as the occasional poplar tree.

Baffled, she blinked again until she noticed her head beginning to thud.

Placing a cold hand on her head she felt a slight lump protruding from it.

Her heart began racing at the confusion.

"What's going on?" She thought to herself, panicing.

She stumbled backwards; dizzily, her foot nudging a rock of somesort.  As her heel touched the 'rock' it made a quiet, sort of hollow ringing sound.  She turned around and saw the most beautiful guitar she had ever seen lying in the grass right in front of her.  It was a pale accoustic lined with dark oak.

Instinctly she picked it up, her fingers finding themselves comfortably at home on the frets.

She strummed a familiar melody.  It was beautiful, the sound was rich and deep and everything felt natural.

She couldn't ever remember playing guitar but there was something just so natural about it.  Her fingers knew exactly where to go.

She sat back down, the guitar resting comfortably on her knee.

"What's going on...?"  She thought again, this time more confused than ever.

"I must have been knocked unconscious..."  Laela sat there pondering for a few minutes until she saw the pink rays of the rising sun at dusk peep over the horizon.

The new light brought forth a new inspiration to sort out what happened.

Suddenly she heard a young voice calling out.  Jerking her head towards the sound, she saw a young boy wearing a straw hat and a red and black flanelette shirt.

"Eh pa! Do you wan' me to bring you the spade too?" He shouted, gesturing across the apparently empty field.

Laela looked in the direction of the boys finger, squinting a bit, she saw a small wooden shed, hidden from her by a leafy poplar tree.

In the distance she heard a muffled voice shout something in a very aggravated tone.

The boy began running immediately towards the shed.  Not turning back once, he was completely focused.

15 minutes later the boy was out of site and Laela had almost forgotten about him.

She turned her head around, searching the horizon for anything; a sign that would help her.

The End

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