Natalia's life takes a huge swerve as Chris, the jock of the school, walks into her life unexpectedly. It was the moment she was waiting for all her life, the moment she'd been dreaming for everyday. But would Jet, her best friend, save her from the deadly truth itself?


 ‘Just look at them! How can you manage to eat when those Greek gods are just sitting right in front of you?’ Isla whispers loudly at me. Faintly from the corner of my eye, I can see Jet trying to hide his amusement.

  Since our freshman year when we watched the band NTN, North to north, perform in our school’s talent show, Isla has always been the ultimate biggest fan. The reasons are pretty obvious.

  ‘Gross Nat! Stop chewing with your mouth open, you look like a dog.’ She cringes away from me. I take a swig at the coke and burp right at her face, earning a horrified Isla shooting me terrified glances. Soon, she turns her attention back to Dell.

  ‘Isla, stop staring. You look like a pervert.’ I frown as her face flushes bright pink.

  ‘I do not! At least I still look better than you, doggie.’ She boops my nose, making a popping sound with her lips. It’s an old habit of hers, going around and booping people’s noses when she gets defensive.

  ‘Don’t. Boop. My. Nose.’ Irritated, I send her a sideways glance. She smiles sheepishly in return.

  ‘You do, just so you know.’

  ‘I do what?’ I turn, facing a smirking Jet.

  ‘Looks like a dog whenever you eat.’ His smirk widens into a teasing grin. I knew he would say something stupid like that. He always does.

  ‘If you want me to lick you, you could’ve just asked.’ I stick my tongue out and attempt to lick his cheeks. His eyes widen in fear. Doing a ridiculous girly scream, he leans back and tumbles to the ground. The band laughs hysterically, clutching their stomachs and doubling up when they see Jet’s cheeks flare bright red.

   I give him a hand and pull him up, a teasing smile lingering on my cheeks. ‘Oh, come on, is being licked by me really that-’  

  ‘Yes.’ I roll my eyes. ‘I would rather go on a date with Vicky.’

  ‘My my Mr. Jeverous,’ I lift my hands up to my chest, ‘I’m hurt.’

   His cheeks return back to its original colour and he laughs at my mock hurt. Vicky is a girl who gets what she wants, considering her father is the principle of the school. If she wants a Cucci handbag, she gets a Cucci handbag. If she wants a cruise ship for birthday, she gets a cruise ship. If she wants a date with a particular someone who’s name rhymes with Ket, she gets a date.

  ‘So Dell, what new songs are you guys up to?’ Obviously, it was Riley who asked.

  ‘Well’, he says, ‘We are working on a new song, but it still needs a whole lot of changing, some-’

  ‘Oh that’s amazing.’ Riley sighs dreamily. Oh Riley. She got it bad.

  I stand up. ‘Well, I better get going now. Don’t wanna be missing my English test next period.’

  ‘I’ll come too.’ Jet quickly says, standing up clumsily. The band purse their lips tightly, hiding their smiles.

   Jet blushes. He stutters, ‘I’ve got to tidy my locker a bit anyways. It’s starting to smell for some reason.’

  ‘Well, come along then.’

  Along the hallways, a few students hang around their lockers.

  ‘So. Your locker smells bad huh?’

  He gives me a look, ‘You know I suck at these stuff.’

  ‘I know you suck at a lot of stuff.’

  ‘Hey.’ He crosses his arms, ‘I just thought maybe I’d spend some quality time with my best friend. But since you obviously don’t appreciate my company,’ He turns around and heads towards the cafeteria, ‘I guess I can just go back-’

  ‘No!’ I clutch his wrists. He stops in his tracks.

  ‘I guess I do need a bit of extra tutoring for my English test…’ A little smile forms on his face.

  ‘I don’t know…’ Jet places both of his palms on the back of his head.



  ‘Pretty please?’ I plead again.

  ‘Meh. I guess I can squeeze a teensy weesy bit of time for you…’

  I snort loudly. Right. As if he has anything better to do.

  He sends me a death glare.

  ‘Oh c’mon Jess,’ I go on my tippy toes and hook my arm around his shoulders. ‘I’m just kidding.’

  He groans in frustration. ‘Nattie, how many times do I have to tell you? Don’t call me that!’

  I laugh at his ridiculous complain. His original name was actually Jesse, which no doubt sounded like a 5 year olds girl’s name to everybody else. Our kindergarten friends laughed at him for it, our middle school classmates sent him edited pictures of him with pigtails sprouting from his head, and he went through a short period of depression after that. And just a year or two ago, he decided to change his name into something cooler, when he enrolled in high school. No one knew his real name. Well, except for me.

  ‘Why not? It is your real name.’

  ‘But it’s embarrassing.’ His cheeks flush in the palest shade of pink.


  ‘Yo. Nat.’

  I turn around and see Chris, the quarterback. Jet stiffens beside me. Quickly, I untangle myself from him and tidy up my hair.

  ‘Hey. Hey! Yeah, okay, hey.’ Oh god. What the hell was that.

  Chris chuckles.

  I almost melted.

  ‘So, how you doin’?’

  I laugh nervously. ‘I’m fine! Great! Got an English test soon. Pretty nervous.’ I laugh again. I AM DYING.

  He checks his watch. ‘Uh-oh. Gotta run. I’ll uh see you around?’

  My heart skips a beat. ‘Yes! Of course! You can see me! In this school! Because I go to this school!’

  He chuckles again. My heart does a summersault.




 Well shit, that went well.

  ‘You know what? I just remembered that I have an extension class to go to.’ Jet says quietly.

  Oh. Jet. I totally forgot he was there.

  ‘Oh gosh, I’m sorry-’

  ‘No no, it’s alright.’ He manages a tight smile,  ‘We didn’t have much time anyways.’

  Tipping his head down so that we’re face to face, nose to nose, he smiles. ‘Besides, you’re the smartest girl I know. You are so gonna ace the test.’

  Ruffling my hair, he walks away.

The End

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