Chapter 4: picking up the pieces.

Another three weeks had past and now they were only one more week till they flew back to England so they were both desperate to find Kelly's parents. Suddenly, she came up with this plan.

    She called her grandparents; there was a good signal so that meant they must still be in the country somehow. With one press of a button, she saw where they were with a simple tracking device on her I phone. They ran as so fast as they could to the police station and told them everything.

    The policemen came round to the house and broke in and there, in a corner, locked in a room were Kelly's parents, kidnapped by her grandparents.

    Jack and Steve took them down to the station and arrested them for eighteen years. It turns out; they'd been planning it for ages, ever since they fell out and they didn't win the lottery after all, they had just saved up. And when they said they were going home, they stopped over at the place where they kidnapped Kelly's parents.

The End

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