Chapter 3: getting on without them!

    Once they were settled, that night, Kelly's mum and dad- Samantha and Chris, went out to the pub and underground disco for the night. So they set of at 6pm hoping they'd be back for about 11ish but the girls woke up the very next morning and they weren't there. "Mum, dad, are you there..., where are you, Chris, Samantha!" Kelly said worriedly   "o.m.g! Nicole, NICOLE!" "What is it?" she asked. "Its mum and dad, they've disappeared!" "Oh no!" screeched Nicole. "What do we do?" "I know, lets go downstairs, they'll probably be relaxing by the pool." So Kelly and Nicole went to the reception and pool area to see if they were there, but they were no where to be seen. Kelly tried ringing her mum but it was switched off and she'd left it in the pub, then rung dad but couldn't get through because it was on silent mode and it was also in the suitcase in the apartment. Suddenly, Nicole said "why don't we go down to the police    station to have a look?"

    So they went and talked to a policeman called Jack and a colleague called Steve. They gave some details out and Jack said to them "I had a     report come in about this man and   women getting pulled into a car at 3am who was thought to look like them."         Once they conformed it, they tried   looking for them but they couldn't   find them any where.

The End

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