Chapter 2: Are we there yet?


    They were at the airport and were checking in. they got there luggage on the conveyor belt and got there tickets.

   Once they got the tickets they made their way through to the waiting area. Unfortunately, they had to wait three and a half hours, then finally they boarded the plain and as they did, they was so excited, they nearly fainted!

   After 10-12 hours on the plane, they arrived in America, and the weather was even hotter than home. They first went to check out the hotel, got the key and drop all the bags of at the apartment. When they did that, they went to explore. It was getting late so they had a quick look round. There were lots of shops, cafes, and restaurants and a beautiful beach with soft, golden sand and cool salty sea water coming in and out like lots of expensive boats coming in and out of the harbour in the sunset. "I can't believe it, it's so cool!" "Yeah, totally!" It was coming up to tea time so they went back to the hotel and once they ate, they went to their apartment, got changed and went out to a concert for the night.

    Two weeks later, one morning, they woke up and realised that they was into the second week of there fantastic holiday. Kelly said to them, "I cant get round that were into the second week already, can you?" "no!" they all said.  But there was something wrong. It was there grandparents, they were getting really homesick and they missed England a lot, even though they were enjoying it there. But they were old so they couldn't take it so they decided to leave and go home. 

   Now they were just four of them and that meant there were two extra beds so they had to move apartments.

The End

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