All Alone!

It's a mysterious world where anything can happen, so get prepared to be blown away!
All alone is about a family of six, go away on holiday to America, on the second week the grandparents go home but on third week Kelly's parents go missing. They tried looking for them. Where could her parents be and Can they find them before its too late?...

Chapter 1: Here we come!

    It was one nice bright sunny day when 13 year old Kelly said to her parents "I think that we should go on a holiday to America, because after all, we did win the lottery and our grandparents can come. What about you?" Well, yes, how about us go in the six weeks holidays then? I mean theirs only two more weeks till you break up, plus it's your birthday in three weeks time so why don't you invite your best friend, Nicole?" said dad in surprisement! "No, I want my grandparents to come with us!" "But we fell out with them, remember?" "Please daddy!" she begged "Oh, Well, ok then." thanks dad, you're the best! Screamed Kelly with so much excitement "no need, we could certainly do with a break! "Wahoo, I'm goin ta America, we're goin ta America! Go me!!!" "Lunch is ready!" Yelled Samantha- Kelly's mum." "Ok, I'll be down in a minute; I'm just going to phone Nicole to tell her, ok?" "That's fine honey. Mum said to her, sweetly. So when she told her friend that she and Nicole were going to America she just burst out screaming!

   Two week's later; they were all packed and ready to go.

The End

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