A yellow toilet is a yellow clinical waste disposal bag that double's up as a toilet, especially in support homes where using a normal toilet is considered dangerous as it can spread germs throughout the whole block and make everyone ill, this is why staff tell residents time and time again not to use the toilet, even in your own flat, to do your business, because if you do you could get expelled from your own home on orders from the care home police for spreading germs and infections around the whole support block, so,

please remember to use a clinical waste disposal bag as a toilet, and remember,

'do not  flush your business down the toilet because this could spread germs and start an epidemic throughout the whole care home.

Instead leave the clinical waste disposal bag out in the corridor for the night soil men to collect, but do not leave the clinical waste disposal bag open, with your business exposed, in the corridor otherwise germs could escape into the atmosphere.


The End

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