Meeting "New" Friends

ME: "smiles" (I like it when Goku meets new friends)

My phone kept beeping causing me to look through it

Nice, a review!

Goku: Huh? "looks at me"

Me: ACK! "jaw drops"

They all walk to me looking at my phone.

Goku: Bunch of..Bi(beep)?

Me: (Did Goku ever learn about cursing?)

Suzu: So he or she is talking about this.

Me: ...

Goku: You turned super saiyan three and four without any training.

Suzu: He or she doesnt know who we are?

Goku: Script format?


Sonico: Where do you see that?

Goku: Site rules broken...

Meanwhile over there

Vegeta: So thats where your REALLY from? Then how could you transform so easily?

Louis: He transforms out of anger... or happiness depending on how happy he is but mostly anger. I upgraded my device even though we made the same thing. He transforms on his own and I transform with this. "holds up the device"

Vegeta: What in the? "takes the device and looks at it" I though Bulma was the expert on these things. But you are from a different world. "gives it back to him" Oh well.

Louis: Oh well indeed.


Goku: So, are you gonna change the format?

Me: "a dark aura forms around me"

Sonico: Julius?


Vegeta: So each Parody you go to you have the power of a stronghold and he- -

Louis: Works his way up? Exactly

Vegeta: Hmph. (Who does he think he is cutting me off like that?)

Louis: I lived my life and now its time for him to live his. The older we are, the more powerful we will become. Im 26 and he is 15.

Vegeta: Quite the mind you people have.

Louis: Growing up we took martial arts and karate. Thats how we fight. Judo? we just learned that. Each parody we go to we will have abilities as the main character, supporting character, or our own that matches the parody we go to. We also can change the settings to have the power of the previous parodies we've been to. But our parodies can't have powers of other Parodies that's not their own. I haven't found out how to upgrade it that way.

Me: "my ki raises insanely"

Louis: Speaking of his anger.

Me: rrrgh...

Sonico: Julius!

Suzu: Whats happening to him?

Fuuri: ... "walks up to me and hugs me tight"

Suzu: FUURI!? What are you doing?!

Me: ... "calms down" ...

Louis: From angry to depressed. Thats how he goes.

Me: You guys are here because I brought you here... I only wanted to see Fuuri's face again. They decided to come with her. They Decided to come on their own... We might not train in this world, but in ours we train everyday. To be what you are Goku... Even though we're not saiyans... We try to become what you are Goku...Fuuri is my only lover. I would love for Sonico and Suzu to date me also but they don't know me enough to love me... Doing the fusion right the first time? That was our 3,782nd time doing that. First time actually done right in this world from the blessing God gave us to live. Im an Otaku... well... somewhat of one... and so is my brother... We are only here for a little while before heading off to different Parodies.

Suzu: Then just make a new story for every Parody you go to.

Goku: Ehehe, and my name only has two k's.

Me: Sorry... I forgot.

Goku: Dont sweat it. It happens at times. to everyone.

Suzu: Just change the story for every Parody you go to so you wont get any complaints. When you go to Naruto make a whole different story.

Me: What does it mean when you say chan?

Sonico: Chan is a friend.

Fuuri: Hentai is pervert

Suzu: Senpai is your older brother. Or someone who you want to be your older brother. RIGHT SENPAI LOUIS!?

Louis: Huh? "looks" WHAT!?

Vegeta: Don't pay any attention to them, their just messing around.

Me: "sits down leaning my head on Fuuri's chest letting out a sigh"

GOku: Hey, you want to meet my friends?

Me: Hey Fuuri? You want to have sex?

Fuuri: What?

Me: Hm? Oh hi. My name is Julius.

Fuuri: I know. "smiles"

Me: Lets go meet our friends Goku. "gets up"

Goku: grab on.

Me: "takes Fuuri's, Sonico's, and Suzu's hands and places my head on his shoulder biting on his shirt to hang on"

Goku: "uses instant transmission causing us to vanish"

Louis: You can come along to Naruto if you want.

Vegeta: Looks like you "brother" Left you here.

Louis: Yea, I know.

Goku, Sonico, Fuuri, Suzu and I appears at Capsule corporation.

Goku: Well, here's where my son works along with Vegeta's.

Sonic: H-how did h-he just- -

Goku: Instant transmission is just teleportation thats all.

Suzu: I wanna learn how to teleport!

Fuuri: Me too!

Goku: "a sweat mark falls from the back of his head as he slightly laughs" Maybe.

Trunks: "floats down the window and sees us causing him to descend in front of us" U-Uh! Where did you find - -

Me: Ask Vegeta. Im too lazy to explain.

Goku: Hey Trunks! These are our friends!

Trunks: (Our friends)

Goku: Julius, Sonico, Fuuri, and Suzu, this is Trunks.

Sonico, Fuuri and Suzu: HI!

Trunks: U-uh. "glances at Suzu" ...

Suzu: Uh... Why are you staring at me.

Trunks: "catches his senses" Huh! Oh uh, nothing! "laughs fakely and looks away blushing"

Suzu: O...kay?

Goku: Have you seen Gohan?

Trunks: Y-yea. He should be coming out in a few.

An explosion occurred in the Corporation causing smoke to form out the window. Gohan then flew down carrying Bulma.

Gahon: There was a malfunction. "puts Bulma down"

Bulma: Great. "dusts herself off" Now I have to start all the way over. "looks" Hey. Who are your cute little friends?

Me: -_-...

Bulma: And handsome.

Me: ^_^...

Goku: This is Sonico, Suzu, and Julius. And he's a saiyan!

Bulma: "jaw drops" A...s-saiyan?

Me: Tell Vegeta. He knows. Im too lazy.

Gohan: How come saiyans still exist!?


Gohan: Ok, ok.

Me: Hows Videl?

Gohan: How do you - -

Me: I sware to God Gohan. One more time Gohan.

Gohan: Ok. Ill ask Vegeta. Shes doing fine by the way. Her and Pan are at home.

Me: Thats nice. May I come with you?

Gohan: Sure. If you want.

Me: Yay! Race ya! "dragon dashes off"

Everyone: ...






Me: "comes back" Ok, where is it?

Goku: I can show you if you want.

Me: Oh, cool.

Goku: Race ya! "dragon dashes off"

Me: Hey wait! "dragon dashes off" I dont even know where im going!

The End

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