Sonico and Dragon Ball Z don't go together

Me: Hey Fuuri-chan?

Fuuri: Yes?

Me: ... Behold... I am your lover and this is my power... Am I your lover?

Fuuri: "blushes" U-Uh...

Me: Am I your lover?

Fuuri: uh...y...

Me: Thats close enough... Fuuri-chan?

Fuuri: Yes?

Me: I am your lover, and you are my lover.

Fuuri: "blushes red all over her face"

Me: I love you... Now behold...

As I let out a slight yell my ki raises

Vegeta: W-What?!

As I scream louder my ki does the same but it turns white

Sonico: Whoa! Look at him.

Suzu: Look how bright he is.

Fuuri: "watches in shock"

Louis: Hm? "digs in his pocket and takes out his phone only to see a message saying, "Update this. I can't wait to see the fight between Louis and Vegeta" ... Hey bro?

Me: AAAAAAH! "turns super saiyan 3. My hair is white along with my tail and aura and my hair is long and silky instead of spiky"


Fuuri: "looks at me with sparkles in her eyes in an amazed manner" Wow.

Suzu: "looks amazed" Thats so cool! His hair turned white!

Sonico: And he has a tail?! WHAT THE FU-

Fuuri: Look how bright you are... and its electricity forming around you...

She slowly reaches her hand out in a bit of a frightened manner

Sonico and Suzu: F-FUURI-CHAN!

She places her hand on my shoulder

Fuuri: (His...body heat... its so... warm) "an electric shock occurs on her hand causing her to jump back"

Vegeta: Alright! Enough chit-chat! This battle has begun!

As he let out a slight yell the ground below him cracks up then a huge crater forms below him and he turns super saiyan 4

Vegeta: Lets make this quick.

Me: Hmph.

Suzu and Sonico: "running around in circles with their arms scattering all around" WHY DO WE HAVE TO BE SO CLOSE!

Louis: Don't worry guys. I won't let you get caught in anything... Hey bro?!

Me: Busy here!

Louis: Let me take him on!

Me: -_-... I just turned super saiyan 3 for no reason?!

Louis: Someone said they wanted to see me and Vegeta fight it off! "turns super saiyan 4 like it was nothing"

Me: ... I see... tag... your it. C'mon Fuuri-chan. "grabs her wrist and walks off next to Louis" Your up.

Louis: Thanks. "walks forward to the battlefield looking at Vegeta"

Vegeta: ...Are you gonna tell me where you guys really came from?

Louis: ... Were from a different universe... where planet Vegeta was still alive. Bardock has beaten Frieza and became the new king. We are just here for no reason. Just a simple vacation.

Vegeta: A vacation? ... Traveling universes and worlds is what you call a vacation?... "grins"

Louis: "grins back" It's to pass the time.

Vegeta: Interesting. You must've fought alot of to be in this form. But your fighting the prince of saiyans. So don't expect this to be easy for you.

Louis: Of course it's not... None of the fights I have is easy...

Vegeta: ...

Louis: ...

Sonico: I wanna see this but I'm also scared.

Me: Don't worry Sonico-chan. Everything will be alright.

Fuuri: I can't wait to see what will happen!

Suzu: Yea!

Sonico: "a sweat mark falls from her face" You guys are just loving this arent you? hehehe.





Vegeta rushes up towards Louis aiming his fist at Louis's jaw but Louis vanishes as he got close. Louis then appeared behind him and side kicked his jaw causing Vegeta to fly back but Vegeta quickly regained his balance and appears behind Louis then grabbed hiis arm and threw him to the side. He then appeared above Louis and elbow stroked him downward causing Louis to crash in the ground. Vegeta then reached his hand out charging his Final Shine Attack

"everyone except me goes shocked" Vegeta: Final Shine Attack!

He fires his blast at Louis causing all smoke to appear

Suzu: Senpai Louis!

Sonico: "her jaw dropped"... "she screams and runs off"

Me: DAMMIT SONICO! "runs off after her"


Me: CHILL OUT! "grabs her and picks her up then walks back to Suzu and Fuuri as she was struggling to break free- NO! LET ME GO!-"

Me: Don't worry Sonico. Everything is alright. I can sense their energy.

Next thing you know their fighting fiercely in mid-air transporting everywhere and clashing.

Sonico: W-Whered they go!?

Fuuri: ... I can't see them but I can hear them.

Me: Their moving really fast. that's all.

Vegeta appears behind Louis and punches his jaw causing Louis to fly back. Vegeta then appeared above him and fired his big bang attack, but Louis vanished before he fired and appeared at a distance from him getting on his Kamehameha stance.

Louis:"charges his kamehameha X10" Kame... Hame...

Me: "appears next to him charging my super kamehameha" ALRIGHT!

Vegeta: heh. "charges his Final Shine Attack"

We both fire our kamehameha's at the same time. His red and mine white fusing together to make a pinkish one 5 times our size. Vegeta then fired his Final Shine Attack full powered causing our ki waves to clash together.

Vegeta: Tsk! Their stronger than I thought.

Sonico: "holding Fuuri hiding behind her in her chibi state" Did they win yet?

Fuuri: It just got better!

Sonico: "looks at our waves clashing" ...Look at the colors...

Goku then popped out of nowhere in his super saiyan 4 state firing his kamehameha times 10 causing their ki wave to grow alot bigger

Vegeta: Kakkerot!?

Goku: Just came to make things fair.

Our ki waves explode making white, green, red, and blue fog to appear

Sonico: Look how pretty that is.



Goku and Vegeta: ...

Vegeta: Their not that bad.

Goku: Hey Veheta?

Vegeta: "looks at Goku"

Goku: Ready for fusion?




We all descend to the ground

Goku and Vegeta: FU-SION-HA! "they successfully touch their index fingers together forming them into super saiyan 4 gogeta"

Sonico: ...

Suzu: Don't you do it!

Sonico: ...

Louis: Damn!

Me: "sighs" ... My God. "walks to Fuuri" ...

Fuuri: "blinks twice" ...

Me: "kisses her deeply"

Fuuri: "blushes insanely as her eyes widen"

Me: "breaks the kiss and lets out a sigh, then walks back to the battle field"

Fuuri: ..."a blush occurs across her face"

Me: C'mon big bro.

Louis: Right.

Louis and I: FU-

Gogeta: W-what the!?

Louis and i: SION- HA! "we successfully touch our index fingers together, our hair is spikey but soft with Louis' eyes, my nose, and our hairstyle fused together"

Luis: Beware... My name is Luis.

Gogeta: "has a shocked look on his face" W-What!? How could someone get it right on their first try!?

Suzu: They all fuzed together!


Fuuri: their so amazing.

Gogeta: ...

Luis: ... "the fusion breaks"

Louis: Do we really have to fight?

Me: Why cant we just be friends? I don't like fighting. He already told us where we came from.

Gogeta: ... "the fusion breaks"

Vegeta: How can someone from a different universe be so strong?

Me: Training our butts off everyday to protect our people. To save the worlds from chaos. That's why were really here. To check up on this planet.

Goku:... Hey, what are your names?

Sonico: That one looks nice.

Suzu: I think he's a good guy.

Fuuri: Then that one must be a good guy too since he helped him.

Sonico: "blinks twice"

Goku: "sees Sonico, Fuuri, and Suzu from a distance and flies to them causing them to jump in fright holding each other" Hey, I think it's best for you guys to leave before you all get hurt.

Me: "flies next to Goku" Don't worry Goku. Their with us. This is Fuuri.

Fuuri: "waves" Hi.

Me: This is Suzu.

Suzu: Hey.

Me: And this is Sonico.

Sonico: H-Hey.

Me: Their my girlfriends.

Suzu and Sonico: What!?

Fuuri: Ehehehe.

Me: They speak Japanese and they only know a little english.

Suzu: "blushes" I'm not his girlfriend.

Sonico: I don't even know him that much.

Goku: No that I think about it... I havent spoke Japanese in a long time ever since we had to air this in english.

Me: Do you know what their saying?

Goku: I think I do.

Meanwhile over there

Louis: So Vegeta? Hows your life?

Vegeta: What do you mean?

Louis: You know, do you have a family?

Vegeta: ...Her name is Bulma. She can be quite annoying but I got used to it. I also have a son named Trunks.

Louis: Cooleo. Thats my little bro over there with Goku and the rest.

Vegeta: I noticed.

The End

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