Sonico The AnimationMature

I've made a device where we could go into any anime we would like and break the fourth wall like crazy.

Me: Alright! I finally made it.

Louis: Made what?

Me: I made a device where we could go into any anime we want to.

Louis: Cooleo.

Me: Lets see, where should we go first?

Louis: I thought you said that we were going to dragon ball z

Me: Yea, but I realized that dbz isnt safe foreal. So we will do that later.

Louis: Ok, so how are we gonna do this? Are we taking turns?

Me: Well yea.

Louis: Do you even know how many episodes were gonna be in?

Me: Three episodes per parody.

Louis: Cooleo.

Me: Lets see... where should we go?... Sonico the animation?

Louis: Sonico? Whats that?

Me: Its an animation that involves a rockstar girl and her band... Thats all
I know foreal... I watched the episodes even though it was in japanese but it had english subtitles... and she is the first anime girl I seen that actually has a BIG ASS!

Louis: So your trying to date her? Is that it?

Me: Yea, why not... Oh wait... But I like Fuuri-chan better... I just LOVE her... I don't know why. I think it's because of her voice or the looks of her eyes...

Louis: Alright then... Shall we be going?

Me: Of course! "walks to him and takes his shoulder then fixes on the device transporting us into Sonico the animation. The setting is at night"

Louis: "looks around" Whoa... Everything looks so different...

Me: "looks at myself" HEY! WERE ANIME!

Louis: Wow!... Wait. Do you know what episode this is?

We both start walking down the street

Me: Well, I think this is the episode where Sonico and the others had that new years concert. I think we came after the credits rolled...

Louis: Ooooh so this isnt an episode?

Me: No, I don't think so...

Louis: So who are you trying to get? Fuuri or Sonico?

Me: ... Fuuri-chan...wait... Do they speak english?

Louis: "facepalms" I don't think so since this is a japanese show... "smiles" Good thing we took rosetta stone.

Me: Thank God for that.

The End

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