Alkahest 3

“Kye! Get up! I can hear them...they’re coming. They’re so close, Kye. Please get up,” she said anxiously from above me. I wanted to tell her to get to the safe house on her own, but paralysis had already taken me prisoner. I could just scarcely see her. But black dots clotting my vision were making it difficult. I wasn’t about to let suffocation run its course. Not with us being the only two left on the island. Not when my dying would mean leaving Mira alone to fend them off herself.

The shrieks grew louder and more transparent, ringing in my ears with the utmost lucidity. They were near enough now for us to hear their joints grinding against their raw ligaments. Mira cried out in anguish as they appeared from the dark dense brush surrounding the clearing. They were just as revolting as I had imagined them to be. Closer they came, leaving trodden entrails in their wake. Within seconds they would be within range to kill us slowly in their manner. Mira hugged me close and placed my head on her lap.

“Stay back, demons! The Unsent are not welcome here. Lay one hand on these children and you shall perish!” an unknown voice bellowed. I blinked for the last time to see a pair of standard brown hiking boots standing between us and them.

“Your brother took quite the hit to the head. He should be alright after he wakes up and has something to eat. Here, you should drink this.”

“Oh, thank you! I was so afraid.”

“Your parents, where are they?”

No reply. Trepidation still hadn’t fully left my thoughts. The lingering feeling of being in another body lingered no more. My eyelids felt heavy, yet I managed to sum up the strength to force them open. A man wearing hiking gear sat on a crudely-cut wooden stool. A backpack and some food sat on the floor beside a smiling girl with black ringlets. Mira.

The End

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