Alkahest 2

The large merchant vessel lit a torch behind its mainsail, signalling its leave. A large orange glow emanated from the sail, striking painfully at my heart with every flicker of the hidden flame. Our freedom and safety had escaped us on swift wings of ill-fated timing and cowardice. We were weak. But we never deserved this of all punishments.

I jumped from the rowboat and pulled Mira along behind me. We ran from the docks as the waves crashed upon its weak waterlogged structure. 
They were coming.
Mira’s small hand was beginning to slip through mine, so I squeezed it and continued to pull her behind me. Fog began to creep from behind us, rising past us and into the village. The thick mist made it difficult to see where we were headed. What were we running from? I did not know. Yet my body reacted to the situation as though I had been anticipating everything that had happen thus far. Somehow I knew that the chamber was too far away to reach in time. 

Mira’s red tunic sported small wet spots from the rain. She was barely keeping up with me, and I knew that she wouldn’t last much longer. I could hear her breath catch as she tripped on a stone and pulled me down with her. I felt my head hit something hard. I looked up at the dense black trees shading the clearing. We had almost reached the stone steps to the nearest safe house. I tried to crane my neck to see Mira, but I was greeted by a searing pain that reverberated through my entire body. Hopefully Mira had made it to the safe house. I would never be able to forgive myself if anything happened to her.
Agonizing shrieks split the black forest from nearby. I could already form a picture of them in my mind: Human-like figures with dead skin clinging haphazardly to perforated muscle tissue and semi-decomposed bone. First would come the stench of rot. A miasma of disease would follow shortly after. Finally they would be upon you like a pack of large rats, tearing you apart and burying you. Within five days you would rise from the earth and join them in their never-ending quest for bloodshed. The Unsent were created through an alchemic experiment gone wrong, as we were taught.

The End

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