Alkahest 1

“Take my hand, Mira!”

“No,” Mira whimpered quietly, “I’m scared.” She wound her fingers firmly in place on the ridge of the dock.

“Come on. Hurry up or we’ll miss the boat!” I shouted. At least, I think it was me. I couldn’t be sure because I was observing from this person’s point of view. I looked down at my hands. These creases and calluses of age must have developed with vigorous training in some form or another of labour work. Definitely not my hands. I gazed down at the water from the rowboat to see my reflection. A round face framed by short dark brown hair greeted me with a frown. Eyes like pools of murky green water stared viciously back into mine. Definitely not my face. Surely there must have been some sort of mistake.

“Please,” I sobbed desperately, “Please take my hand. It’ll all be okay. Just come with me.” Mira’s pale, unblemished porcelain face appeared even paler with the light reflecting from the overcast clouds. She was so youthful, so young. Her long black hair hung in natural ringlets around her oval face. One ringlet threatened to catch in her long orderly eyelashes as she bent closer to the rowboat. I couldn’t bear to see her cry. But why exactly couldn’t I bear it? And why was I so adamant about us getting to the ship before it left? There must be some sort of logical explanation for this.

“Kye! What about the chamber? The chamber –” 

“It’s too late for that, Mira! Do you want to leave this horrid place or not?” I cut her off and glanced behind me at the ship readying to set sail. The anchor was already being drawn out of the depths and secured on the starboard side. Waves grew in size and aggression with each one that passed under the rowboat. I took hold of the sides to steady myself. Rain filtered through the white screen of clouds above. Mira nodded but her hands remained fixed to the dock, knuckles almost whiter than the clouds. I extended by hand. “We’ll never make it unless you take my hand right now. I know you can do it.” Tentatively, Mira unfastened her right hand and caught mine just as we heard a loud horn sound.

The End

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