This is how it went downMature

As I mentioned before we pixies can shape-shift. Most of the time we go for a small mammal or rodent, it makes it easy for us to get around without being noticed. No one really cares about some stray cat wandering the street, or a dog sniffing around. Rodents work pretty well unless you’re seen, then its all screams and dodging brooms. 

I prefer a cat; young enough to be cute, but old enough to not be picked up by every bleeding heart that sees me. If someone starts to reach for me I just hiss like I have some serious psychological problems and take a swipe at them. Most people have sense enough not to pick up a cat sharp on five ends, but every once in a while you get some determined person who is going to “save” you no matter what. If a few cat scratches don’t deter them I just give up and escape at the first opportunity that arises, which is about two second after they put me down or turn their back.

Its not like we pixies are just roaming the streets trying to survive. We have communities all over the place, even a government of a kind with laws and everything, but when we’re in public we need to blend in. All pixies are magical, but some of us are stronger, magically, than others. A normal pixie can shift into a large dog pretty easily, but a few are powerful enough to shift into a human form. This makes things quite convenient for them, but the rest of us are kind of screwed in that department. I am not one who can shift into a human, although I can shift into a large great dane fairly easily.

Today I was a cat. I had decided this morning that I was going to go see a movie. I like movies, they’re ridiculous and fantastical. 

Cats are really perfect for going to the theater, they’re small, fast, can see in the dark, and most of all silent. You would not believe the places I’ve sneaked into as a cat -- lets just say not all our tech is terrestrial -- so a theater is not quite Fort Knox -- that bitch is empty, by the way -- when it comes to security. 

I decided on a movie that was staring my favorite actress. You all may think she looks a little odd, but in a hot way. Most human women don’t think she’s pretty at all, but thats because she’s garnering all the attention of their men; understandable. The thing is, she’s a pixie in human form and she can cast a low-level glamour on men. Thats why the women really don’t like her, they think she looks weird, and their right. We pixies look pretty much human… pretty much. But there are oddities we can never really get right when we shift into human form; our faces are just a bit too long, teeth a smidge too large, eyes just over normal size, and ears slightly pointed. Ironically all things attributed to beauty, but when you mash them all up on one face they become uncomfortably sublime. Point being, we pixies are more prominent in human society than people would think; hell, movie stars aren’t even the most famous or powerful of us in the human world. But I digress. 

So I’m around halfway through this awful movie when it happens. I’m sitting on the padded arm of a theater seat in the back row, munching on some popcorn left by the previous viewers, when BAM! I’m knocked off the arm and onto the seat. It feels like a hot poker has been shoved right into my eyes and a three hundred pound bodybuilder is standing on my chest. I feel myself lose the shape spell and in a flash I’m back to my natural shape, but at the moment I don’t even care; the bodybuilder has started doing a jig. I feel my mind open like a flayed steak and memories and thought start pouring in; someone else's memories and thoughts. The pain overwhelms me and the merciful dark of unconsciousness floods over me.

The End

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