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Alister Burke is a pixie who unwittingly becomes a familiar to an inept mage. Together they use their newfound power to do good... sort of.

My name is Burke. Alister Burke. I’m a pixie. 

Most people don’t know what a pixie really is, just the old folk lore version. People can be stupid. But then again most people don’t think the Fey are real. Well, we are. Too be honest, we don’t really like people to know we’re real, it makes it easier on us. When people knew we were real they used to hunt us for our powers, so we started making people forget. Thats one of our powers by the way, well it used to be. We kind of forgot how to do it. We’re not a very organized people. 

Now, the only people who know we’re real are a few magicians, but we try not to get involved with them too much. I find it hilarious that people don’t believe in pixies, but magic and vampires, lycenthropes, zombies, those are real, they’ve incorporated into society. You could walk up and say, “hey did you hear about kenny? He was killed by a ware-wolf!” and that would totally be believable, but say “hey I saw a pixie” and they’ll laugh you out the bar. I guess thats just the way it is, and like I said, we’re fine with that. 

An other thing people don’t know about pixies is that we can shape-shift. I mean, like for real shape-shift, not like a dumb ol’ ware creature that can change from a man to one type of animal or somewhere between the two. We can turn into any animal we’ve ever seen up to the size of a human and down to the size of a cricket. Its pretty bad ass. And being that we’re magical creatures means that were immune to most magic, except death or blood magic. That actually why we stay away from magicians, they always end up getting into some kind of fight with a necromancer or some other evil bastard and we end up dead. 

The only problem is that sometimes we get caught in a summoning spell. 

Thats the only spell thats not death or blood magic that we can get caught in. Well, I guess its kind of like blood magic, but no blood is spilled. You see, a summoning is unique in that its a spell that binds the caster with the target. If you’re summoned, you’re bound. But so is the caster. You end up sharing life force, which can have its advantages. Like for example, you’re powers are mutually increased. And you can share thoughts, although that can be kind of annoying at first, and you always know where your partner is. Also one benefit to the summoned is that they will live as long as the caster, and being that most casters are magicians they tend to live for a few hundred years due to the high magical potential of their bodies.  

The down sides are not so good though. First, you share life force, not in a corsican twins kind of way, if your partner gets punched it doesn’t hurt you, but if one of you dies the other will be hurting for quite a while. Most familiars fall into a coma for at least a year or two or just die, and the caster will at the least pass out for a day or two. Second, you have to follow orders, or at least you’ll be sympathetic to your partner. Not like compulsion, you still have free will. But lets say you get summoned by some evil son of a bitch. First off, you’ll be immediately sympathetic because of the bond, and secondly if you don’t help and he dies you’re going to be up shit creek; no paddles in sight. So why not just walk away? You have free will after all, right? Well, that brings us to the third problem. A summoning can only be cast once per person. Period. Thats not really the problem, just the beginning of it. Because a caster can only summon once in his life the summon lasts forever. As in till you both die. Bff anyone? So a caster will do anything to keep his familiar near him. If you run he’ll just come get you; he knows where you are after all. 

Most of these problems aren’t really problems most of the time, because the summoned is usually just some animal. I mean, if your a dog you don’t give a shit if your master wants to rule the world, you just want a bed and food and to protect him like a good dog. Meanwhile your master uses you as a second set of eyes and a tough as nails guard dog, oh and he becomes more powerful just because your around. And 999,999 times out of a million thats what happens, the caster gets an animal. Usually its a cat or a dog, mice and rats are pretty common as well. Sometimes a bird, a hawk or an owl. In rarer instances its a large cat like a mountain lion or a cougar, sometimes a wolf or, rarer still, a bear. I once saw a tiger familiar, that was pretty sweet. Its kind of random what you’ll get, it has to do with where you are and whats around you. The only consistent thing seems to be that all familiars are predators and were in the radius of the spell. But that one in a million times the familiar is a pixie.  

Considering there are only about a hundred thousand magic users on earth at a time and of those only around ten thousand know they can use magic and of those only around a thousand know the summoning spell, getting a pixie makes you the most bad ass magician on earth. 

Well this afternoon I became the most sought after thing on the planet. A pixie familiar. Lucky me.

The End

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