Alis Volat Propriis chapter twoMature

Chapter Two – Cause And Effect


                        “Why the fuck is the T.V. on?” slurred my father as he slammed the front door. “You really trying to fuck up the budget here. The fucking electric bill is already through the god-damned roof!”

                        With this, my father grabbed the vase set upon the ottoman, and threw it at the T.V.

                        The television screen shattered on impact, and I watched as multicolored flashes of light and shards of glass flew through the room.

                        “Are you drunk?!” I asked in total surprise. This hadn’t happened in at least a year and a half.

                        He squinted his eyes and pointed at me. Bending over me, he said, “You dare to question the actions of your father. I gave you life, and I can take it away.”

            He held both of my wrists in his left hand and raised the other one. He swung. Missing me, his fist hit a wall. In rage, he threw me upon the hardwood floor.

            “Now the landlords gonna be all over my cock about this,” he growled.

            “Craig, are you… are you drunk?” said my stepmom with that same tone of surprise that managed to escape the tight security of my lips.

            “Why does everyone think that?!” bellowed my father as he opened the door. “I’m not drunk, I just got bored with all of you, so I had a couple of drinks, and a little bit of fun, at the bar! Hop off my cock about this!”

            “Craig, you need…”

            Don’t tell me what I need!” my father screamed into my stepmothers face. “What I need is a smoke. Meanwhile, turn the fucking T.V. off!”

He slammed the door. Again.

            “A little late for that,” I called.

            “That man better be back here and sober by the time I get home, my stepmom said. “I’m going out.”

            She wasn’t there to comfort me.

            So I grabbed a rope, and headed to the garage.


            In short, it was really Aryanna that saved me. With my head in the noose, her face showed me that I have something to live for. I have hope.

            So the next day at school, I told her what happened (neglecting most details, of course), and how she saved me, and how she is the best friend I’ve ever had and probably ever will have. Or at least that’s how I meant to come across.           

The End

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