Chapter fiveMature

Part II

Chapter four- delirium

            I quit cutting.

            She didn’t.

            But eventually cutting just became too time consuming, so I decided to go straight to attempted suicide.

            Nothing worked.

            Suicide is hard.

            Eventually, I just gave up.

            She didn’t.

            I tried every argument in the book on her.

            “You’re too beautiful for this,” I tried.

            “You’re the only one who thinks that,” she replied.

            “God would not allow your death,” I attempted.

            “God doesn’t exist,” she replied again.

            “I love you too much, don’t do this to me.”

            “Well, dammit, Seth, you’re not enough.”

            I’m not enough.

            I’m just not enough.

            I wasn’t enough in the beginning, and I’m not enough now.



                “Police. Open up.”

                I opened up like a good boy, and in stepped a male and a female.

                The male spoke first:

                “Are you mister Seth Benson?”

                “That’s me.”

                The female spoke next:

                “Seth, do you know a girl named Aryanna?”

                I nodded my head.

                “Seth,” the female police officer continued, “Aryanna has committed suicide.”

                And in that instant, I didn’t even want to attempt to take her same way out.

                I’d already died inside.

The End

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