Angry Neighbours

Ever since the humans had moved into the Solar System next door, there'd been nothing but trouble. Li'Shanc had quite liked the dinosaurs. Quiet, yes. Kept themselves to themselves. While playing as a child, he'd accidentally kicked a ball through their ozone layer and they disappeared soon after. Li'Shanc often thought about kicking a ball at the humans too, but he was far too mature for that.

Li'Shanc wasn't keen on being nosey, but from the occasional furtive glances he'd made towards the humans had both shocked and terrified him. Their home was a pig sty, filled with filth, disease and generic pop music. Li'Shanc had often considered popping over to say hello to the dinosaurs, but he knew he would have nothing in common with the humans. 

They were noisy, too. It was a quiet neighbourhood and Li'Shanc preferred it that way. It simply wouldn't do to have all those awful radio signals flying about the place, and the tv signals were even worse. Li'Shanc had no desire to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians, particularly since the quality of the show had declined in recent seasons. 

The humans had no respect for privacy, either. Not long ago, they'd set up a huge telescope to keep an eye on everybody else. It was insulting, embarassing and degrading to know that at any moment a human could be watching you take a meteor shower and laughing at your less than impressive tentacles. 

The absolute final straw came when, one peaceful day, the humans decided to hurl their probe into Li'Shanc's solar system, snapping indecent photographs with its rudimentary camera. Li'Shanc angrily took the probe and decided to march straight to the culprits. After knocking on the doors of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars with no answer, Li'Shanc finally found all of the humans on Earth. He leaned casually against the moon and said with firm, falsely friendly tones "Excuse me, is this probe yours?" 

The End

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