I'd never seen home, neither had my parents, nor theirs. After the supernova, for generations we lived on a ship. Eventually it had crashed in 2001, in America. I escaped from the humans and managed to get the London, travelling only by day and never being caught in the dark.

I was humanoid, but in the dark my skin glowed, like UV. My eyes blinked sideways, like the inner eyelid of a cat. My nails glittered silver. My hair was white and my eyes were green.

I was 16 and living in a 2 bedroom house in London with a middle-aged man called Raitchosge Bruton. He was kind and caring. He treated me like his daughter, or more like a wife. When he was out at work, I cleaned the house and cooked the dinner. He'd never tried anything though. But I didn't know how human men treated their daughters, so I couldn't really say.

I sighed and dropped the curtain back in place. I dropped down onto bed and just thought. Raitchosge had a son, a year older than me but his mother had won custody of him so it was just Raitchosge and me. He was the only human contact I'd ever had. It bothered me sometimes, usually during the day when I was alone. I wanted a friend.

I lay down in bed again and picked up the book from my bedside table: Dracula, by Bram Stoker. Dracula actually reminded me of myself; an outcast, hunted just for what you are.

I didn't turn the light on, I didn't need to; my skin was glowing, lighting the pages.

This did not satisfy him, for he said quickly, 'But I fear, Dr Seward, that you hardly apprehend my wish. I desire to go at once, here, now, this very hours, this very moment, if I may. Time presses, and in our implied agreement with the old scytheman it is of the essence of the contract. I am sure it is only necessary to put before so admirable a practitioner as Dr Seward so simple, yet so momentous a wish, to ensure its fulfillment.'

I kept on reading and after almost an hour, someone knocked at the door, causing me to jump. I looked over at the clock and my eyebrows drew together in confusion. The clock said 05:03.

"Who the hell's knocking now?" I whispered to myself.

I stayed where I was and carried on reading. I was told specifically not to get the door. I heard Raitchosge's heavy feet on the landing and then going down the stairs. The person knocked again, louder this time.

"I'm coming!" shouted Raitchosge in his Irish accent.

I heard him open the door and heard muffled voices. I didn't bother listening. I heard the door slam and footsteps on the stairs and shouting. I thought nothing of it. Obviously Raitchosge had slammed the door in the person's face, started up the stairs and the person was shouting through the door.

Then my door opened and someone stepped in. I looked up and dropped my book in surprise. The door slammed again and I heard shouting again, much louder.

"What the fuck is that?!" exclaimed the person who'd opened my door.

It was Daniel, Raitchosge's son. Why was he there? I picked up my book and placed it back on the side table. I clambered out of the bed and pulled my top up a bit. I edged towards the door, my pyjama trousers sliding along the floor.

The door opened again and I jumped back. It was Raitchosge. He was smiling. He held his hand out to me and I took it. He gently pulled me out of the room.

"Daniel, this is Nastasia," he said kindly.

"What the fuck is it?" Daniel asked again.

"I'm a girl, thank you," I said.

"Holy crap! It talks!"

"She, not it," said Raitchosge harshly.

"Sorry. What is she?" he asked before turning to me. "What are you?"

The luminous white glow went slightly pink. "I'm an alien."

"No, seriously, what are you?"

"I told you, an alien."

"Dan, remember 10 years ago when there was a really big meteor that crashed into America? And then it vanished?"

"Yeah," he said slowly.

"It was taken away by the CIA. It wasn't a meteor, it was a spaceship. Nastasia's spaceship."

Daniel looked at me with a bewildered expression on his face. I smiled sheepishly. And then he fell to the carpeted floor, unconscious.


The End

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