A description of the AlienMature

I realised none of you are really aware of what the alien looks like, seeing as none of my posted snippets give mention to it. Well, here is a snippet from Sarah's perspective in Chapter 1. Enjoy :)

On the windowsill sat a huge, bright white animal. A somewhat beautiful creature. It had down and feathers - like a bird - that looked so smooth. Its wingspan must have been phenomenally huge. Its eyes, these 2 awesome black eyes, stared at me. It had large, cat-like ears, no nose, at least not on it’s face, and a large cat-like mouth out of which I could see 2 sharp silvery grey teeth sticking. Titanium teeth, I think, or maybe steel. I don’t know. It had arms, also feathered, but they didn’t look like human arms. It had legs, also feathered, which did look like short, stubby human legs, with Lion-like paddy feet. It looked like a crazed child’s drawing created during the tedious exercise anyone who went to primary school endured, in which you have to merge animals to make a new one, such as a Kanga-snake or a octopussy-cat. It was incredible, and terrifying. The window through which it looked at us was large enough or it to fit through, and it was open. In it crawled.

The End

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