Asen walked through the corridors on the ship. Everything was clean and gleaming. The corridor spiralled onwards. There were maybe three or four doors there. Then something caught Asen's eye. On one of the doors it said Decontamination Bay. Asen walked towards it. It opened automatically. It led into a small room with a big window that overlooked a big chamber. Connor's brother and another man were looking into the chamber. Asen walked into the room. 

Connor's brother turned around. He smiled when he saw Asen. "Well, I see your awake,' he said. Asen nodded and looked out the window. A small pod was in the chamber. A man lay in it. Asen stiffened as he noticed the marine he and his parents had rescued. Two men in white bio suits where inserting tubes into his mouth and his nostrils. The man next to Asen murmured something in Connor's brothers ear. "Yeah,' said Connor's brother,'we're gonna kill the little freak before he gets out'. "What do you mean?' asked Asen. Before he got a reply there was a yell from the chamber. Connors brother spun around. Asen looked and was disgusted by what he saw. The marine chest was bulging. Something was trying to get out. Now Asen understood. One of the things that had killed his parents was in the mans chest. 

Connors brother slammed down on a button and roared into the a microphone:'ICE IT! ICE THE LITTLE FUCKER!! One of the men in the chamber got a fire extinguisher and proceeded to douse the mans chest. The other man was hammering commands into a handheld console.  The pod started to close. The man with the fire extinguisher threw it down and darted towards a number pad sticking from the wall. The pod closed and immediately the pod iced up. The man near the wall turned to Connors brother and said in his communicator:'Life signs stable, sir'.

Connors brother and the man near Asen breathed a sigh of relief. Connors brother turned to Asen and said: 'I think you should go to the mess Hall'. Asen nodded and walked out of the room. When he got out of the room he fell to the ground and vomited. He retched. A hand went onto his shoulder and lifted him up. It was Connor. Asen nodded his thanks. Together they walked towards the mess Hall.

The End

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