Rise and ShineMature

Blink. 'Wake up'... . Jason stirred. Blink. Come on Asshole, you've all ready broken my nose, the least you can do is wake up!' Jason opened his eyes fully. The brother whose nose he had broken stood over him. There was a plaster over his nose. ' Rise and Shine sleeping beauty,' he said, grinning, then wincing as his nose hurt. Jason sat up, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. He felt really groggy. It was probably the injection. He lay back against the pillow. " Names Connor,' said the brother. " Asen,' Asen replied. " Well you've been asleep for while,' Connor said. Asen nodded and yawned. " I left some combats on the chair there' Connor said, pointing to a chair beside Asen's bed. Asen nodded his thanks.

Connor started to walk towards the door. " Sorry about the nose,' Asen said. " Dosen't matter,' said Connor, turning around and grinning. Then a thought struck Asen. " What about that guy that was with me, how is he' asked Asen. Connor stopped grinning. He opened his mouth, then closed it. He opened his mouth again then shook his head and walked out the door. Asen frowned. What happened to him, he thought. He got out of the bed and slipped on the combats. They fit and were also surprisingly comfortable. He grinned when he saw that instead of boots, Converse Allstars had been left out for him. He put on the cons then walked out the door to find out what had happened to the marine who had been brought in with him.

The End

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