Dreams are never pleasantMature

Asen was walking through a forest. He didn't know he got there. But he felt content.He kept walking for a while when he heard it. A whispery voice drifted into his ear. "Asen........". Asen stopped. He looked around for the owner of the voice.  Trees and bushes looked back at him. "Asen.......". Asen didn't move. "Behind you..........".Jason twirled around.  A dark figure stood there. 

It looked like a man. But somehow Asen knew it wasn't. "Who are you, what are you" Asen asked. The figure didn't move.  "Come with us.......". " WHO THE F**K ARE YOU", Jason roared. Then it came.  "Hissssssssssssss........". Jason looked around. The trees started to rot. They turned black and leaves fell off. The bushes went on fire. Jason looked back at the figure and recoiled in fear. The creature, the Alien that had slaughtered his parents looked back at him. He stood back. The creature opened its mouth. A river of blood gushed from it's open gob. Jason turned around and ran.

With a hiss the creature gave chase. Jason jumped over logs and roots. He kept running. But no matter how fast he ran, he could hear the excited hisses of the Alien behind him. He looked around... and tripped . He tried to get up. But his muscles refused to move.

Then a loud hiss and the creature jumped up into the air and landed on his back. Asen's mouth opened and he let out a bloodcurdling scream. A powerful hand grabbed his head and twisted it around. He was face to face with it. It's mouth opened and Asen glimpsed the smaller mouth in there. He screamed again. The mouth darted out.

"ARGGHHHHHHHHH". "KEEP HIM RESTRAINED, ELIA, GET THE F*****G STIMULANT"!!!! Asen's vision was blurry but he could make out four figures. And whiteness. He screamed again, half in the dream world, the other in reality. Two sets of hands were holding him down. He pulled at the attempts at keeping him down. The hands proved no match for Asen's massive strength, from all the years working on a farm. He pushed the two figures away. They immediately came back. He lashed out. There was a howl of pain. Asen's vision started to clear.

He could now see that he was in a room. A room made for surgery. There were scalpels and trays and several beds scattered around the room. He himself was in a bed. His attention spun back to the people in the room. One was an old man, the woman called Elia was a young blonde woman, slightly younger than Asen. The other two were young men that looked the same. They had to be brothers, twins possibly. One of them was on the ground, holding his nose while blood gushed out. " Who are you people,' Asen asked, breathing heavily. " Oh he sees us, thats a first," said one of the brothers. "Shut up," said Elia quietly.She walked over to Asen. Asen eyed her warily. " This will help," she said.  She took out a needle and looked at Asen. Asen stared back for a moment, then nodded. She stuck the needle in his arm. Asen started to feel sleepy. The last thing he saw before he went to sleep was a smiling face and one brother helping the other up.

The End

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