Intelligence Officer Edgar Lent logging on.

Sir, are you there?



Unknown person logging on.

Yes, i'm am here, what is the matter?

We have tracked the U.S.S Kanya to Heliana-101.


U.S.S Kanya crashed landed on Heliana-101, sir.

Status of crew and ship.

Ship is so badly damaged it can't fly for s**t, as for the crew, there's only one left.

Did they retrieve the specimans?

You bet, six of the seven were impregnated with the xenomorphs.



Except what officer?

The ship crash landed near a farm.


Three farmers went to investigate.

And what happened?

Well, apparently it was a family.

I don't care about that, officer, what happened to the farmers?!

The father was once a marine, named  Jason Korr.

I've heard of him, go on.

He had a stolen M56 smartgun in his possession.

Hmmm... that sounds like Korr.

He and his family went inside the ship.


They encountered an xenomorph and an unconscious marine. They apparently dragged him out of the ship but Korr and his wife were killed. 

Why weren't they impregnated?

Korr had apparently pissed them off. Sadie Korr..... well we...... there was barely anything left of her when the xenomorphs had finished with her. When we found Korr there was a massive hole in his head and his brains were gone.H


Their son  Asen is still alive.


Yes sir, do you want us to put an xenomorph in him?

No, no, don't do that, at least, not yet.

Yes sir, anything else?

The marine, what is his condition?

His leg was nearly severed when we found him. There were burns all over his body and a bite mark in his left arm. We are treating him. He woke up once, screaming about things in the dark. We restrained him and gave him an anesthetic. The boy on the other hand is fine, apart from some nasty bruises on his head. The vehicle he was driving crashed into a rock.

Ha, funny.

What do you want us to do?

For now, bring them home.

Yes sir.

Unknown person logging off.

Intelligence Officer Edgar Lent logging off.

The End

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