Monsters are realMature

The inside of the hull was pitch black. Something was dripping off the ceiling. It fell on Asen's arm. He stopped, his insides cold. He turned on his night vision goggles and looked at his arm. It was blood. Asen looked up. There was several chains hanging down. Asen looked for the source of the blood and found it. A severed leg and half of a human torso was hanging in the chains. A steady drip of blood was coming from the torso. Asen staggered back, retching. Sadie and Jason turned around. Asen fell to his knees and vomited on the floor. ''What happened Jason,' said Sadie, rushing over and helping him up.Asen wiped his mouth and pointed up. Sadie and Jason looked up. Sadie gasped. Jason didn't make a sound. ''What do you think did this,' Sadie choked. Jason didn't answer. Suddenly a distant hissing sound came from behind them, followed by a loud scream. Jason took off in direction of the scream. Sadie and Asen followed him.

They ran through the ship, finally coming to the bridge. It was a mess. All the panels were destroyed and ripped out. There was several holes and bullet holes. Jason ran inside. Asen and Sadie ran inside too. A terrified voice screamed at them.''HELP!' The Korr's looked up. A man was being dragged into an open air vent by a large tail wrapped around his leg. Jason aimed the the smartgun at the tail and opened fire. The tail was blown to pieces. The man fell with a terrified yell. Asen ran forward and caught him as he fell. They both fell on the ground. Asen dragged the man away from the line of fire. The blood from the Alien was eating through the floor. Jason continued to fire at the roof. Sadie started to shoot too. The firing went on for nearly a minute before they stopped. Sadie picked up an iron bar from the ground and through it at the ceiling. It hit the vent and the vent fell down. A large body followed it. Jason turned it over with his foot. The Alien had a large head, with no eyes. It's mouth was open. A smaller mouth was inside the big one. Jason looked at them in fear. '' We've got to get out of here,' he said. Asen nodded and picked up the man by the arms. Sadie holstered her gun and picked up the mans legs. Jason walked out of the bridge, ready to fire at anything that moved. Asen and Sadie followed him.

There was more hisses from around the ship as they moved towards the hole. There was movement in front of them and Jason started to shoot again. ''WE'VE GOT TO PICK UP THE PACE!' he roared over the gunfire. He stopped shooting and they started to move. They reached the hole. More Aliens started to come at them. Jason kept on shooting again and again. But it still didn't kill them. Sadie and Asen carried the man outside and put him on their vehicle. Sadie put her hand on Asen's shoulder. ''Asen, if the shooting stops I want you to get out of here as fast as possible,' she said. Asen looked at her. She smiled sadly and ran back to the ship. Asen got in the vehicle and started the engine. The shooting kept going. Then there was a scream. ''SADIE!' roared Jason. The shooting continued. There was a roar of pain and loss. Then the shooting stopped and Asen heard his father curse. Jason appeared at the hole and tried to get out. But then an Alien appeared behind him. Jason turned around and looked at it. The Aliens mouth opened. Jason stepped backwards. The Alien grabbed him. Jason screamed loudly. The Alien's inner mouth snapped out and into Jason's head. Jason slumped and the Alien let go of him. Asen turned around and stamped his foot on the pedal. The vehicle sped off.

Asen turned around. The Alien was watching him, it's inner mouth still out and covered in blood. Tears started to fall from Asen's eyes. He turned around again and yelled in panic. A large rock was in front of him. He tried to turn but it was too late. He stood up and pushed the man off the vehicle and jumped after him. He landed hard and cracked his head off a small rock. His vision went dark. The last thing he saw before he blacked out was a big shape descending from the sky near him. 

The End

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