Going insideMature

The ship was still on fire. Smoke covered Asen's vision. Barely anything was visible. He could see the outline of the ship. It was a military class 5, with two IP cannons and fifteen torpedo turrets and the capacity to hold at least 5000 soldiers. But they usually could be found guarding Earth from orbit. This one was far from Earth. It had probably been sent on a mission. Asen knew all this from the academy. Then the smoke started to clear. Asen stepped back, looking at the ship in wonder. There was a feeling inside him. The kind of feeling you get when you are looking at something you're not supposed to look at. 

Asen turned around. There was a small dustcloud coming towards him. It was coming really fast. Then a shape emerged from the cloud. It was a small vehicle. In it were Jason and Sadie Korr, Asen's parents. Asen waved to them and waited. A few seconds later they drove up right beside him.

Jason and Sadie were tall, dark haired with strong bodies and at the moment shared the same concerned look. Sadie jumped out and hugged Asen. Asen smiled as she let go. His dad put a hand on his shoulder and smiled back. ''We were working in the south field when we saw this fireball coming down,' Sadie said. '' We saw it heading towards the north field and thought you were dead,' Jason said. '' I'm okay,' Asen said. Jason nodded and looked at the ship. He turned around and took out a large gun. It was an M56 smartgun.

Jason Korr had spent 15 years in the marines until he had met Sadie. The Marines kept his gear but he secretly taken the smartgun with him. He strapped the harness to his back and put on his targeting goggles and turned on the infrared mode. Jason now looked a lot more threatening with a large gun in his hand. Sadie took out a small 9mm automatic pistol which she kept under her bed and nodded to Jason. Jason started to walk towards the ship. Sadie and Jason followed him. There was a large hole in the side of the ship. Jason walked towards the hole and stepped inside it. Sadie followed him. Jason stopped before entering, suddenly afraid. Would he come back out? Jason shook off the feeling and stepped into the darkness.

The End

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