The ShipMature

The Korr family were a happy family. They owned 15 acres  of land and had made the most of it. They weren't rich but they weren't poor. Sadie and Jason Korr were two very proud people. Their son Asen had just turned 17 and was making plans about his future life. The Korr's were all dark haired six footers with big muscles. They were up every day before 7 am, working in the field's. Life was simple, pleasant and carefree. Until now.

Date: 19/7/2397

Location: Heliana-101 

The sun was shining in a clear blue sky. Asen was working in the northern fields, collecting the freshly grown vegetables. He wiped his brow, sighing heavily. He took a canister of water off his belt and opened it up. He took a gulp of the liquid inside and shook his head. When he was done he was definitely going for a swim. He sniffed. There was a smell of smoke in the air. He looked up.

A huge fireball was descending from the sky. It was in the shape of a huge military type ship. He stood there for the moment, transfixed by the sight. Then he realized that it was coming towards him. He turned and ran as fast as he could. 

The ship was coming fast but Asen had always been a fast runner and had covered nearly a few hundred meters in less then half a minute. The ship hit the ground and Asen fell over from the impact. A dust cloud blew out from the ship, covering Asen from head to foot.

Asen lay there for a few minutes, not able to believe what had happened. Then a small voice came out of his communicator. ''Asen, are you there?!'' Asen groaned and stood unsteadily to his feet and dusted himself off. ''Asen!!!!!'' Asen took off the communicator and held it to his mouth. '' Don't worry dad, i'm still here.'' There was a sigh from the other end. '' Thank god you're alive son, I thought I had lost you,' Jason said. '' Dad, I think you and mum should get over here, a ship crash landed nearby,' Asen said. '' Hold on son we're coming,' Jason said.

The End

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