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It's not a diary, but kind of a diary. I express my views on the world as well as the situations I live in day to day. My only objective is to figure out how to live happy in this horrific world and not... the way I do.


The guilt is something I'm sure we all experience day to day. When your mum reminds you about the value of your food, when you watch an aid appeal advert on TV, or if you see a beggar on the streets. If you feel nothing when experiencing any of these things, you sicken me. The harsh truth that I had to admit (and that many people should admit to as well) is that we supress this with problems more 'important' such as relationships and 'which new phone should I have?' just so that we don't have to face the engulfing guilt that swallows us up if we wallow in it for too long. The truth is, I don't really want to dedicate my life to helping others instead of getting a degree and an amzing job. The fact is I don't want to go out to countries like Zimbabwe and witness the death and destruction that gets kept under wraps. I want to live in my happy 2 dimensional world where I can grow up with a well-paying job, a nice family and party loving friends.

All I know is, as soon as we slap ourselves and wake up to the truth, I will always be part of the majority that say that they care but honestly don't. So I will post an update when I finally stop moaning and join a charity organisation with a worthy cause, whether that's helping our own country or helping another. This is just my way of kicking myself in the nuts and telling the world to deal with their world instead of expecting corrupt, racist politicians to do it for us. That is all for now.

The End

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