Fire. That was what it was. Still burning, as always. Everyone was dead. Their bodies were still alight. And there I was stood, the last one as always. I looked over the wreckage; I didn't know what was happening. We'd crashed and I was the only one that survived. I blinked.

I was lying in bed, breathing heavily. I sighed. It was a dream, the same one. That was all I ever dreamt about. I was fine in the dream, but out of it... Out of it I was alone. In the dream I was 6 again, in real life 10 years had passed and that night still haunted me in my sleep.

I looked at the clock. In big red letters it said: 03:49. Why was it always 10 to 4 in the morning when I woke up? At least I didn't need to be up early like all the others my age. I swung my legs out of the bed and walked to the window. I lifted the blind slightly. The sun was rising over 2011 London city and the streets were busy already. I sighed again.

I was homesick; I had been for 10 years. There was only one person I cared for who knew I existed and who I was. I was wanted in America by the CIA, FBI, DIA, DHS, NSA, in Albania by the SIS, in Australia by the ASIO, ASIS, DIO, in the Bahamas by the SIB, DFIB - I could go on forever about where I'm wanted and it's all for one reason. The public don't know about me, that'd be way too dangerous. No country could afford that, it would cause turmoil.

I'm wanted everywhere simply for who I am. I'm Nastasia, and I'm from Minkowski 2-9 - a nebula that went supernova over 1000 years ago.

The End

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