Meets Jack, 16, White

The girls of Wonder Academy were all a-flurry, and all because of the arrival of a new student.

Until this day, there had only been two boys and a middling of aged professors living on campus. Now another boy was coming! The outrageous hormones of all the other female students sprang throug the air like excited atoms, and one girl - Alice - let her hand spring up to cup her injured cheek, as one bunch of hormones stung her.

"Ridiculous!" Alice tone of voice violently condemned her classmates. "I can't believe that all this excitement is because of one silly boy. Harrison is a boy, and so is Howard, but you don't see them acting up because of their presence!"

"No, you're silly Alice! The simple fact is that Harrison and Howard aren't a mystery. They've lived here for so long that everyone who is anybody already knows everything there is to know about them." The one girlfriend Alice could claim to have, Hart, spoke up from beside her.

"Oh, but boys are supposed to be dull. That's why we're all removed to this school, so that we can be educated in the presence of sharp minds."

"You must be one of the only people to believe that," Hart giggled. "I read that in the school brochure as well, but really, I came here because I like our uniforms."

"Well, you like pink." Alice stated flatly. She crossed her eyes, causing Hart to laugh, and therein lay the reason they were friends.

"But I wouldn't mind meeting this- this Jack," Alice tried to continue seriously. "Sometimes too much work makes 'Jack' a dull boy." Hart burst out laughing again. "When I'm utterly sick of schoolwork, I find that is when I most often pay visits to Harrison and Howard."

"You are the only girl they will befriend. I suppose it would't be unseemly for you to make friends with the last boy on campus, too."

"Whatever do you mean?" Alice was stricken by the thought that there was something wrong with her being friends with boys, or vice-versa.

"Nothing! I mean, if we don't hurry to class Mr. Grewald will scold us!"

Alice ran after Hart, attempting to step on her heels, until they both burst through the classroom door.

"Girls! That behaviour is most undignified," Grewald rebuked them.

"Gesundheit!" At an age when you spoke confusingly between friends, it was expected that you must be nothing less than spontaneous with teachers, or else they wouldn't respect you.

"Thank you! Now please sit down. I have an important announcement to make to the class."

"Sowwy, sowwy." The girls chorused. Hart led Alice to the row of seats at the very front, where their tall teacher's eyes would not stray.

"Ahem. I am pleased to announce the entrance of Mr. Jack Hare." As if on cue, the door began to open. "Jack is, ah, attending this all-girls school because..."

It didn't matter what words Grewald said next, because none of the girls heard him, Alice included.

Jack Hare strode in clothed in a white sweater over a white shirt over white slacks. His superficial appearance was so overwhelming that it was almost a relief to note his bedhead grey hair and a large somewhat tacky watch on his right wrist. They combined to make him more normal.

Alice frowned. "What do you think happened to him?" The vivid red imprint of a hand stood out on Jack's cheek. Alice was reminded of her ongoing desensitization to colour.

"Poor guy probably fell asleep while waiting to make his entrance." Grewald had kept him outside while class started, why?

"Who has an empty seat for Jack to sit in?" Unfortunately for many girls, Grewald's line of vision extended exclusively to the back row, and so he spent minutes vainly looking for an empty spot there. Meanwhile, he ignored a surprising number of lower-placed waving arms.

Jack too ignored the pleas for his attention. It was clear to him that the row with the most space was right before him. With an exhausted sigh, he sat himself next to Alice and said, "Hi. I'm Jack, and who are you?"

Alice stared fascinated as he proceeded to yawn and fall asleep in the presence of her eyes.

"Um, I'm Alice?"

The End

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