Nothing To Wear

((Sorry for the shortness.))

The party. How badly I wanted to go. But there was nothing for me to wear. I couldn't go to the party in something that looked absolutely terrible. Stephen couldn't seem me in one of my ugly dresses that I knew everyone hated, even my mother and sisters did. No matter how hard they tried to hide that from me. Plus, it wasn't like there weren't going to be any other beautiful girls who'd be trying to flirt with a guy like Stephen. Not showing up would only make him wonder why I wasn't there, therefore directing more attention to myself than if I was actually there. 

I was currently sitting in my room, brushing through my long dark brown hair. Of course, I'd been trying on dresses all day. Seeing if any of them actually looked okay. I'd decided none of them looked very good on me. None of them were very special. I could come in something completely outrageous just to attract attention to myself from him. I was starting to sound shallow, wasn't I? But it would make me stand out from the cloud and it would make Stephen actually look at me for once. Why did he always seem to ignore me?

After changing into something else so my family wouldn't figure out that I'd been trying to find something to wear tonight. I'd be laughed at by all of them. Then they'd end up trying to force me into going. And I wasn't going to go if I was going to be forced to attend. I stepped out of my room and into the living room. There were a few maids and servants working around, barely glancing at me as I exited into the room. They were used to it by now. When I ran down the stairs, I made my way outside to find that my mother was talking to my father. But I hid, knowing that they were talking in hushed tones. 

"She's twenty-one, she has to get married to someone," I heard my father's voice say. I could tell immediately that he was talking about me. He was always bugging me about marrying someone. The idea of Stephen had never entered his mind though. His mind was set on Adam something. Although he was closer to Alice's age. But he was rich, which was what interested my father. Was that really all that mattered to him?

"She'll find someone eventually. Just let her take her time. She's still young." 

"She's not getting any younger! Do you really think that anyone's going to be interested in her once she's older? She needs to get married now. She's getting to old to have children." 

"Oh come on, she's twenty-one. Do you really think that that's old? She's younger than us when we got married." 

"She's not going to be very pretty when she's older."

I frowned, running a hand through my hair. That was quite rude. He wouldn't have said that if he'd known I was listening. Might as well tell my father I knew what he was saying. He'd be mad at me when he figured out from someone else. 

Coughing a bit, I turned around from the corner where I'd been hidden. "What's that supposed to mean?" I asked with a glare as I crossed my arms. 

"Sara! I had no idea you where there. I uh meant-That you won't be able to have kids when you're older, which means that men won't be as interested. All they are going to want is a son. And if you can't give that to them, that means they won't want to marry you." 

I narrowed my eyes even more, trying to make him scared. Although I figured that he wasn't trying to sound as rude as he was. But he didn't realize that he actually sounded pretty mean. 

"Dad, stop worrying about me. Do you really think that Adam really cares about me?" 

"I didn't say anything about Adam!"

"Oh sure. I know that's who you were talking about." 

With that, I walked off. I didn't want to talk to him anymore. He obviously didn't care about me. Why would he want to marry me off to someone so young and annoying if he did? And my mother obviously didn't like the idea, but she'd go along with it. I walked towards the edge of the grounds and found myself at the small pond, sitting down and staring down at my reflection. 

The End

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